Willy Wonka Birthday Party

Willy Wonka Party-FI

Dinah is five. FIVE! I just can’t believe it. We are only a few months away from Kindergarten of all things.

Anyway, we had to celebrate in style. I mean, FIVE is a big birthday.

On one of our pizza and a movie nights last year we introduced the girls to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and they were entranced.  It is hilarious how much they love it…even the boring parts at the beginning…even “Cheer Up, Charlie.” (!) Shortly after that Dinah decided that she wanted a Willy Wonka party for her fifth birthday…and I was happy to oblige. Dinah still has many friends of both genders, so we aren’t ready for all-girl parties just yet. That means that I am always on the prowl for good party themes that would be fun for boys too. Willy Wonka fit the bill.

Willy Wonka Party-8

(For more details about her Willy Wonka dress…please see this previous post.)

I prefer to have birthday parties at a park right now, so we keep things fairly simple. But there were lots of chocolate factory touches.

Over-sized lollipops, gumdrop towers, lots of candy, cupcakes, Fizzy-Lifting Drink, lollipop trees and golden chocolate eggs and more!

Christian, my “party minion” (his words, not mine!) was actually the one who actually made most of everything.  He’s the best!

Willy Wonka Party-7

For the favors I found glittery top hats for each kid and included a bag of chocolate factory treats. Fizzy-Lifting Bubbles, Chocolate River Milk, Lickable Wallpaper (candy buttons), Wonkavision Goggles (shutter shades), a golden egg filled with chocolate and, of course, a Wonka Bar with Golden Ticket. I made all my labels and thought I would share them with you. CLICK HERE for a printable pdf containing the labels to wrap Hershey bars as Wonka bars and to label the other favors.

Willy Wonka Party-10

I made two types of cupcakes: chocolate with chocolate frosting and orange with green-colored cream cheese frosting (you know, like Oompa Loompas).

Willy Wonka Party-16

Friends began to arrive and dug into snacks and favor bags. Park parties are the best because kids can just play and grown ups can chat…no pre-planned games or activities required!


Cupcake time! Everyone’s favorite time!


She’s got a golden ticket!

Golden Ticket

Thanks to all our friends and family who were able to come celebrate our big girl’s big day! It was a blast!


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