Update and Summer Shirts in Action

Summer Shirt Tutorial

Hey everyone!  It has been a busy weekend since I posted about my guest post over at Project Run & Play.  On Friday night we celebrated my sister and brother-in-law closing on their first home.  On Saturday morning we had a yard sale (not much doing…we’ll be back out in a couple weeks) and then Saturday night we had a family movie night at church.  Sunday morning was worship and education at church…luckily this Sunday I was not working since my parents were in town for Father’s Day.  After lunch we went back over to my sister’s house to hang out and “help” paint.  And finally Sunday night is our weekly community group meeting.

Whew!  What a nutty weekend!  Because of all the craziness and our recent status as one-car family I wasn’t able to quite finish Christian’s Father’s Day present.  We will be able to give that to him soon though.  Do you feel like when you have a busy family weekend that you don’t actually get to talk with your hubby (or boyfriend or whoever)??  After we tucked in girls on Sunday night Christian and I enjoyed a MUCH needed cocktail and conversation.  So nice to reconnect.

And now we move onto my next busy thing: VBS.  We are doing an Olympic theme this year and we are so excited about all the pieces as it comes together.  However, getting all those pieces together will be a TON of work.  So, I have put myself on a sewing embargo for the next few weeks.  Boo.  But it really is the only way I can stay sane.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be blogging though.  I have some Past Projects saved up to share, including a couple tutorials.  And if we make anything fun for our VBS I’ll probably share that too.

Okay, that is enough blah blah blah…I wanted to share some more action shots of my Summer Shirts.  (Featured on both Project Run & Play and Instructables.com)

Hope you all have a great week!

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