Upcoming Projects

I am starting to think through all the things I want to make this fall leading up to Christmas.  And (as always) it is adding up to a lot!  In the interest planning here is my (ever growing) list.

Cover for my tablet and a bag/purse – Wait!  That is already done!  I still need to take some pictures though.  It has been rainy here so I haven’t been able to get outside with the good light.  I’ll post about them soon!

Quilt for a wedding gift – I designed this myself.  I am loving the ombre.

Halloween Costumes (We will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

Thanksgiving and Christmas dresses for the girls…

This pattern 

with this  and this  on the front.

Esther’s Birthday Girl Smock (!!!) – I CANNOT believe she is almost a year old!  Hers will have different colors than Dinah’s.

Christmas gifts galore!…I can’t tell you what they are specifically because most of my current readership (ahem…family) will be receiving something I make.  You’ll have to wait and see!

And, finally, there are a couple of Thanksgiving and Christmas decoration projects I might want to crank out too. Who knows.  I did our stockings last year, so that is taken care of…BUT we tend to host both Thanksgiving and Christmas each year and my holiday themed table linen is non-existent.  I’d love to make some fall and Christmas inspired napkins, table runners, etc.  I’ve also seen many cute buntings and banners that would be awesome to have on hand too.  AND I would like to make an Advent calendar and Jesse Tree ornaments at some point. Whew.  That may be about three years worth of projects!


So, what’s the possibility of me actually completing all of this?  Well, I should be able to get most of it done…the gifts and Halloween are definite and the rest will get done if there is time.  Maybe one year I will start sewing Christmas gifts in April!

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