Christmas Clothes

Christmas Clothes

So, I was telling Christian the other day that when I found out baby #2 was a girl I was undecided about how I felt about matching clothes.  I suppose that I have decided.                   I think they are so cute when they are all…

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Well, it was a great and busy Thanksgiving weekend.  Our home is the most central to all participants, so we hosted my family, Christian’s mom and my sister’s husband’s parents for a Thanksgiving feast.  My talents lie in the sewing/crafting room and not in the kitchen, so my dear husband whipped up an excellent…

Fall Dresses Part 2

Fall Dresses 2

So, we did get our family photos back and they are great, but we decided not to share them online yet so we don’t spoil Christmas card pictures or something.  So, last weekend I just did a photo shoot with the girls in their dresses.  Here they are!

Fall Dresses


A theme that will probably pop up regularly on this blog is my craziness.  Even though I was already stressed out by all the balls I had in the air, I decided to throw in one more last week and make fall dresses for the girls in time for our family pictures…

First Projects

Baptism Gown

After I had Dinah I was home from work for three months of leave and I started thinking about a hobby for naptime. I also knew I wanted to make her baptism dress so I dusted of my sewing machine and reacquainted myself with it. I had sewed some in college while…