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Wreaths-Easter Cross

One of the things I love about Pinterest is that it actually makes me do many of the things that I was always going to do when I “got around to it.”  Looking through my pin boards always reminds me of my inspirations and gives me motivation to get cracking.

Currently I’ve been working on front door decoration.  I love the simple look of yarn covered wreaths and I’ve made a couple.  The first one was for Valentine’s Day/February.

Full disclaimer…I did not design this wreath at all.  I saw this one…

Source: google.com via Harmony on Pinterest


…and loved it, so I made it.


After February I wanted to make a couple of spring/Easter wreaths.  I found this yarn with gradations in the coloring (in order to make a pattern while knitting) and I liked the idea of the mix of colors going around the wreath.  I chose to use purple, lavender and white felt flowers and teal ribbon to accent.

I love the colors…they are so fresh and springtime-y.


The last wreath I have made is my piece de resistance.  My Easter “wreath.”

Christian has been joking that it took me 20 hours to make this guy, and he isn’t far off.


All those felt flowers!


And some of them were really involved.  But the detail turned out great!

Okay, some more info…

1. For the yarn wreaths, I used straw wreaths.  They are half the price of the foam ones at Joann and work just as well.  I read a tip somewhere online (I can’t find the source now. Boo.) that said to leave the plastic covering on under your yarn.  Works like a charm.  The plastic keeps the straw from getting all crazy and it helps the yarn slide really close together.

2. I only needed one skein of yarn to wrap each wreath.  There was plenty to go all the way around a couple of times, filling in all the spaces and holes.  There was also plenty leftover.

3. Funny(?) story: Apparently my not-quite-three year old can use big scissors!  This discovery was made when she was found cutting up my yarn for my spring wreath.  Awesome.  Miraculously she did not cut herself or her hair.  I was able to still use the yarn…I just had to wrap it in 1-2 foot long segments until I got to the end of the cut up bits and was finally able to wrap it up normally.

4. All the felt flowers I found online.  I have tons of tutorials pinned on my crafty.fun board.  So many great ones out there, I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel.

5. For the Easter “wreath,” I used an old frame. I painted it white, distressed it and hot glued all my flowers on.  I found the wooden cross at Joann and painted and distressed it as well as adding the lettering “he is risen.”

6. I attached the cross to the frame using 1/8″ white grosgrain ribbon and my trusty hot glue gun.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I’ve got a TON of projects to complete in the next couple weeks.  Dinah’s third (can you believe it??) birthday is next week and we are having a big Peter Pan party, so of course the girls need costumes.  And then Easter is just right after that and I am making some cute Easter Elephants for their baskets and their Easter dresses.  Busy busy busy!  But you will get to see lots of great stuff!

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10 Comments on “Spring Projects

  1.  by  Frederique

    These are so cute. I love the daffodils. Please teach me how the next time I’m down.

    •  by  Harmony

      Absolutely! They are really easy and I like the dimension they have. The tutorial I found puts them on floral sticks so you can put them in a vase. That would be really cute too.

  2.  by  Rhea

    These wreaths are beautiful! Thanks for the linky to the felt flowers. I’ve been wanting to do a new wreath for my new house front door (as soon as we finish the unpacking part). Your craftiness is very inspiring!!!!

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks! Hopefully you can get it done in a shorter amount of time than it took me. I think we lived in our house fully 2 years (!) before I got around to making a wreath for the door. 🙂

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