Signature Style = Sleep-deprived

So, for the four of you who pay attention (hi, Mom!) you will notice that I did not have an entry for Project Run & Play last week.  The problem with sewing on deadlines while you are pregnant and already have two small children is that life frequently gets in the way.  Earlier this week both girls started getting congested due to allergies, which of course developed into coughs.  This means they do not sleep very well.  Poor Esther was up every couple hours on Wednesday night (my usual big sewing night).  Our week has been crazy-crazy so no one has gotten naps since Monday.  Nap-free days and late nights resulted in an elevated heart rate for me on Thursday.  So, I went to bed at a romantic 7:30 pm on Valentine’s night and slept (on my left side) for 12 hours straight!  I am feeling better now, though I can really tell when I have over done it at times.  I’m definitely feeling older for this pregnancy than my others.

So, here were my grand signature style plans:  Up until just before the week of the challenge I was planning on making corduroy pants and cute tops from the Oliver+S After-School pattern.  I was also going to finally make them their coats that I had wanted to make way back last fall.  And then the weather changed to sunny and warm and I just couldn’t bring myself to make fleece coats for the girls in February.  In Florida.  It was already almost 80 degrees.  I started thinking of spring and sundresses and strawberries and I changed everything at the last minute.

I got fun springtime colors of the “linen-look” fabric from Joann, found some cute accent fabric and decided to make Geranium dresses.  I got a great start on them, but then the first paragraph of this post happened.  And then the weather changed.  Again.  The past couple of days have been the coldest of the entire winter!  So, they have remained unfinished…for now.  I’ve decided that I just love this pattern and the way the dresses are turning out, so I am going to make them the girls’ Easter dresses this year.  That means you’ll have to wait to see them in their entirety, but I’ll give you a sneak peak here.  (Sorry about the phone pics!)

This one is Esther’s…don’t let the bad phone picture fool you…this is an awesome turquoise-y blue that looks so good on her.  Christian picked out the accent fabric…isn’t it the best??  I got as much extra as I could so I could make a top or skirt or something else out of it because it just so cute!

Esther's Easter Dress Sneak Peak

And then this one is Dinah’s…I let her choose between this hot pink and a purple.  No surprise she chose the pink.  Christian actually picked out Dinah’s accent fabric too.  The pinks look like they were designed to be paired…they match so perfectly.

Dinah's Easter Dress Sneak Peak

Baby Miriam (have I mentioned we are having a girl??) might get the purple one later this summer…Rae’s pattern goes down to even the tiniest sizes, so I don’t think I can resist!

I had a great time sewing along with Project Run & Play again and I am looking forward to the new season coming up.  I do have to change how I budget my time though.  Basically, I HAVE to make myself sew at least a week ahead of time.  While this seems obvious to those who are better time managers, finishing projects without a looming deadline has always been hard for me. (Ask my costume design teachers in college!)  So, that is my goal and challenge for the next sew-along…to finish my look by the weekend before the actual challenge begins.  Hopefully I can stick to this!

Now, I am going to take a short break from sewing children’s clothing and switch gears to sewing baby quilts.  Can you believe that I have made around 10 quilts and not one of those has been for my own children?  I haven’t even made my nephew’s yet!  So, that is what they are all getting in their Easter baskets this year…their baby quilts.  Dinah’s is only four years too late!  Poor, deprived children!  I will show those off later next month when they are finished, but in the meantime in my next post I will show off a few of the ones I have made previously.


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