Signature Strawberries

Strawberry Dresses-FI

Here we are…the final week of this cycle of Project Run & Play!  Traditionally the final week is the “Signature Style Week.”

My signature style really hasn’t changed since the first time I thought this through…age-appropriate, classic, solids or subtle prints, simple embellishments.

Strawberry Dresses-1

I actually started these dresses way back last spring when I was trying to participate in the last cycle’s sew-a-long.  They were for the “All in the Details” challenge.  I’ve been wanting to do a major embroidery project like this for awhile and I was really inspired last spring by strawberries.  We have great strawberries here in Florida.

Strawberry Dresses-13

I loved the idea of strawberry vines and blossoms on delicate white dresses.  Now, is this practical?  Of course not.  But, I wanted to go ahead and do it anyways…I mean it is only time and fabric right?

Strawberry Dresses-12

Although I will say that during this photoshoot I was a crazy person about them getting dirty…as long as I got a good picture first! (Please note that I did not let them pose with actual strawberries.)

Strawberry Dresses-9

I think the girls will be wearing them on Sunday, so they can be normal on that day…although I will probably bring them a change of clothes for lunch.  So, maybe not that normal.

Strawberry Dresses-2

So, some details about the dresses…

I adapted the Oliver + S Popover Sundress again.  Way back in March my plan was to make them the traditional way (minus the yoke) with the two ties.  But after I made the halter-style butterfly shirts I just fell in love with that look and I decided to do these the same way again.

Strawberry Dresses-7

They ties are WAY long, but I actually really like them like that.

Strawberry Dresses-8

The dresses are made from a cotton lawn fabric that was perfectly light and airy.  I did have to line the dresses to keep them from being completely see through.

Strawberry Dresses-3

Once the dresses were completely made including the hem (but excluding the ties) I started embroidering my design.

Strawberry Dresses-10

Let me tell you, this took FOR-EV-ER.  I mean, it looks awesome and I love it so much, but yeah, this is not a task to undertake lightly.

It has been fun sewing along with Project Run & Play again!  It has been the perfect boost to get myself blogging again.  And I really enjoy seeing the work that all the other super-talented ladies submit.  There is such a fun community surrounding this little online competition…I’m glad to be making my way as a part of it again.

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6 Comments on “Signature Strawberries

  1.  by  ajennuinelife

    I’ve enjoyed seeing each of your looks – this one is sooo sweet! And I can appreciate the time it took to embroider those beautiful strawberries; bravo!

  2.  by  simplesimonandco

    Oh my….what great details…and I can’t believe you made two!!!! Just lovely!

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