Shutting it down…

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Hello friends,  Just a short “blog-keeping” post to share with you guys…

After a lot of thought and prayer and hemming and hawing, I’ve decided to close up my Shop for good.  Well, I might be back in the far-distant future, but there is just too much going on in my life right now.  I do love to sew things up for other people, but I miss doing more projects for my own children and gifts for my friends and even sewing something for myself.  And my part-time ministry job is pretty demanding.  And I like actually posting things to the blog.  Also, you know…new baby.

(But isn’t she the cutest excuse?)

Ugh…I hate closing up again so soon after re-opening…it makes me feel fickle.  But, you know, sometimes I have to push myself too hard to know exactly what my limits are…and this time I found them.

I’m sewing up my last Wendy Dress tonight and tomorrow and after that I’m out.  Well, out of the sewing for money thing…hopefully this will mean I have more time for actually sharing the projects I’ve completed.  I also would love to get to my tutorial-making to-do list.


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