Ruffled Remix

Ruffled Remix-Ruffles

Hey everyone…I can’t believe it is already week 5 for Project Run & Play.  This week’s challenge was to take a men’s shirt and remix it into something new.  I found this shirt on Pinterest a long time ago…

…and knew that I would like to attempt something like this for a men’s shirt refashion in the future.

So, I was excited about this challenge because I already had a great idea AND I had several of Christian’s shirts in my refashion bin waiting for me to get around to them.

My first step was to think out the whole process of remaking this shirt from scratch and write it down.  After I had that clear in my mind I was able to get started.  AND now that everything is pretty much all written out I think I will put together a tutorial for you all.  Look for that after this cycle of Project Run & Play is complete.

Okay, so this was the shirt I started with.

Ruffled Remix-Original Shirt

Just a normal pinstriped men’s dress shirt.  It is a muted light green in color with navy blue pinstripes.  My original plan was to use only fabric from the shirt…just like my inspiration shirt.  But when I started cutting I realized that 1.) The colors were just too boring to not use a contrast and 2.) There wasn’t enough length in the sleeve to make a sash long enough for Dinah.  So, contrast fabric it was.

Ruffled Remix-1

And I am so in love with how this turned out!

Ruffled Remix-2

It ended up being the perfect little shirt dress.  It will be cute for church or school and she seems really comfortable in it.

Ruffled Remix-3

Some details:

For my pattern I adapted the A-line dress pattern that I used for the Polka-Stripe Dresses to be sleeveless.  The armholes ended up a smidge too big, but they are still okay.  Just a mental note for later dresses made from this pattern.

Ruffled Remix-A-Line Dress


I used a navy blue cotton to make bias tape for the neckline and the armholes.  I made half inch double fold tape for the neck and quarter inch double fold tape for the arm holes.  There is also a little sash made from the same fabric.

Ruffled Remix-Bias Tape

My new favorite thing is hem facing.  I just love the little pop of color it adds to the hem of a dress.  (You can just see it peeking out a bit in this picture.)  And it helps with things like fabric yardage.  For example…making this dress from Christian’s shirt I realized that if I included a normal hem allowance that the dress might end up being a little short.  Enter hem facing!  This way I only had to include a quarter inch hem allowance and I was able make the dress an appropriate length.

Ruffled Remix-Hem Facing

I replaced the boring clear-ish buttons on the shirt with some navy blue buttons from my stash.  They are actually some vintage buttons that my grandma sent to me awhile back when she was clearing out her stash.  I’ve received a couple boxes of things like buttons and lace and bias tape and other trims.  It is fun to dig through them and find the perfect thing for a project I am working on at the time.

Ruffled Remix-Buttons

And I love the ruffles along the front!  Just what was needed to make such a neutral-manly print seem a bit more girly.

Ruffled Remix-Ruffles

And, really, one of my favorite things about this dress is that it is so one of a kind.  I mean, making things myself usually has that result, however,  making something from a widely available pattern from widely available fabric means that item *could* be duplicated, if wanted.  But unless you could hunt down another one of this random shirt from early 2000’s Express there is no way to make another exactly like this one.  I should refashion more…one of my other favorite outfits was this one made from vintage pillowcases.

Ruffled Remix-4

I guess that really is the fun of making and designing clothes for our kids…making pieces that are unique and really fit you and your child’s personal style.  And that is what next week is all about!  Signature Style Week is coming up!

Ruffled Remix-5


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10 Comments on “Ruffled Remix

  1.  by  Scary

    Super cute. I love the ruffles at the top! The contrast of the green and navy is dynamic. Great Job!

  2.  by  Harmony

    Thanks, everyone! I’ve got a shirt pulled to make one for Esther soon. It will be hard to use men’s shirts for anything else. 🙂 Definitely a tutorial in the works…

  3.  by  Max

    I absolutely love this! The colours are so cool, not a combination I would think of by myself! I love everything, and the hem facing is a cool idea!

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