Peter Pan Birthday Party

Peter Pan Party-Favor Hats

My Dinah turned three (!) last week and of course we had to have a party for her.  I love throwing parties.  And parties with a theme are so much more fun.  In thinking through some of Dinah’s favorite things, I toyed with Little Einsteins or another Mickey party and then she asked to watch Disney’s Peter Pan one more time.  Peter Pan, of course.  We regularly travel to Never Land on her magic carpet and she is always pretending to be “Cappin Hook” and we are always assigned other characters from the tale.

Dinah says, “Arggh!”

And because of the popularity of pirates and pixies among her age group I knew a costume party was the way to go.

I had already been planning to make a “Wendy Dress” for Dinah since the first time I put her hair in a ponytail and noticed the sweet little ringlets.  This definitely seemed to be the perfect opportunity to make it.

I’ll be detailing The Wendy Dress in a separate post.  I love how it turned out so much that it deserves its own space.

Little Esther would be our Tinkerbell.  I simply made her a cute green tutu and got her some wings.  She already looks like a little imp, so she was the perfect pixie.


Some more party details…

Since her party was really just a glorified play-date, I didn’t go overboard with the decorations.  I used our screened-in porch as the “Lost Boys’ Hideout” and most of the party took place out there and in the back yard.  (We put down sod in the backyard the week before and it was so awesome for the kids to have a nice grassy area to play.)

Running from the crocodile in the backyard.

Wendy with her sword and hook on the porch.

Wendy, Peter, Tinkerbell and a couple pirates playing in the sand table.

I hung streamers in the window to look like vines and some cute paper lanterns that I thought looked like fairy houses. (Of course, I have no pictures of this…I forgot to take them in the rush to get everything set up for the party.)

And my favorite part…Peter Pan’s shadow!

For favors, I made each guest their own Peter Pan hat.  (They also had a small goodie bag of snacks with stickers and bubbles.)

The Peter hats were ridiculously easy to make and I’ll post a tutorial for them.  They also looked so cute on all the little heads. 🙂


And one of the best parts, I didn’t even make.  The cake.

My friend Krystle is an accomplished baker and cake decorator.  This is NOT where my gifts lie, so I decided to get some help from a friend.  I told her what I wanted and she made the most awesome Never Land cake.

It turned out really cute and was very tasty too.  Thanks, Krystle!

It was a really fun party!  The kids enjoyed playing in the backyard and the grown-ups enjoyed a good visit.  A success all-around!


Want to buy your own Wendy Dress or Peter Pan Hat?  Check out the Shop!


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15 Comments on “Peter Pan Birthday Party

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    •  by  Harmony

      It was a really fun party…I love to have people over and the party was actually pretty low-maintenance. The best kind!

  2.  by  Amanda

    do you have a tutorial for those adorable Peter Pan hats?? My daughter wants a peter pan party for her birthday December 1st and i love your idea! if you have any game ideas i would appreciate them too! i was thinking a treasure hunt

      •  by  Harmony

        We actually didn’t play any games at her party…but a treasure hunt seems like a great idea. You could also play tag with “It” being the Crocodile…that could be fun. Since mine are so little, parties are really just one big play date…so I haven’t spent much time coming up with fun games yet. Sorry I wasn’t more help!
        Have fun!

  3.  by  Sarah @ Becoming Martha

    How cute! I have never seen a Peter Pan party like this with Wendy and Tinkerbell! How creative to involve everyone 🙂 Thanks so much for joining us at the CSI Project this week – we loved seeing your party!

  4.  by  Rhonda

    Hi there, love the party and was wondering if maybe you could tell me where you got the Peter Pan shadow for the window???

    •  by  Harmony

      Hey Rhonda, Thanks…it was really fun! The Peter shadow I made myself. I Googled Peter Pan shadow and found one I liked. I made the image really big and printed it out (taping together several pieces of paper) to make a pattern. And then I cut it out of one of those black plastic tablecloths. It sounds complicated, but it ended up being really easy. I wish I had saved my shadow template! I would have totally sent it on to you!

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  7.  by  Carrie

    Darling party! Do you have a template for the peter pan shadow or did you free hand it? Super cute:)

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks! I no longer have the template…but it was pretty easy to make. I just searched for “Peter Pan shadow” or “Peter Pan silhouette” until I found one I liked. Then I blew it up to the size I wanted. From there I traced and cut, etc. Hope that helps!

  8.  by  Devon

    Oh my! Love this! My Eloise will be turning 3 and is obsessed with all things Peter Pan! Thanks for sharing… and I have to say… I love your daughter’s name… My 2nd daughter (8 months old) is named Dinah! 🙂

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