Newberry Watermelon Festival

Watermelon Festival-3

So, we live in a tiny little town outside of Gainesville, Florida.  (Take note, stalkers.)  Up until now we haven’t been very good at participating in our little small-town community events, but we are starting to get out there some.  One of the big events in our town is the annual Watermelon Festival.  We were actually in town this year for it so I thought it would be fun to go.


Of course, that meant that I needed to make little watermelon outfits for the girls.

I made the Oliver + S popover sundress for Esther…

and a simple skirt for Dinah.

I just used red and green broadcloth I had in my stash and I trimmed it with white piping.

And finally I added the appliquéd watermelon seeds.

We had a great time eating watermelon…


riding carnival rides…

petting animals…


and riding ponies.

It was fun to get out in our community and see all the fun events.  When the girls get older we can enter them into fun things like the watermelon roll, seed spitting and watermelon eating contests.


I think they would have a shot. 🙂



What fun events take place in your community?  Do you manage get out and enjoy them?

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20 Comments on “Newberry Watermelon Festival

  1.  by  Jennifer Holt

    We have a livermush festival in nearby Shelby, NC. I am not as excited about my children participating in any livermush activities!

    •  by  Harmony

      Hmm…what is livermush? Do you think it would make a cute outfit? 😉

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Jenilyn! I went over and linked up…thanks for the invite!

  2.  by  Holly

    These are super cute outfits! Great idea and they turned out beautifully. Looks like you had a lot of fun at the watermelon festival!

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Holly! It was so much fun…luckily it wasn’t too hot yet.

  3.  by  Vanessa@DesignsBySessa

    These are absolutely precious! I’m from a small town that does a Peach Festival and we have to ride a float each year…. gaining ideas from your dress! haha! 😉

  4.  by  Rachel

    just saw you @ PR&P & had to stop by… i love these types of things ~ having an event to go to, being inspired by it & sewing something for it.
    we live close to a town that has a raspberry festival, hmmmm, it’s got me thinking…

    •  by  Harmony

      Oh, raspberry festival! How fun! You could do lots with that!

  5.  by  Emily

    Ohmygosh cutest watermelon outfits ever!! 🙂 I love that they coordinate but aren’t identical. I think the only festival near us is a spud festival; I’m certain potatoes aren’t nearly as cute as watermelons. ha.

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks! And Ha! That would be hard to dress for…the cutest thing that I can think of for a spud festival would be a brown baby onesie with potato “eyes.”

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