My Signature Look: Easter Dresses 2012

Easter Dresses-4

I can’t believe it!  This is our last week for this season’s Project Run & Play.  As with each season, the final challenge is our signature look.

I have thought about what might define my children’s clothing style and this is what I came up with:

  • I like little girls to look like little girls.  Luckily right now mine are very little, but even for older ones I just think children should dress like children.  There is plenty of time in life for dressing like a grown-up.


  • I prefer classic styles for girls.  Sixties, Fifties, Forties, Thirties, Victorian, etc. I love the silhouettes, the details and the girliness of it all.  Ruffles, pleats, embroidery, sashes and bows.  So much goodness there.  I don’t like to use a ton of embellishment…only enough to add just the right touch.
  • I tend to like solid color fabrics and subtle or graphic prints (nothing too busy).   And, if I do use a print, I like the fabric to be the main feature of the dress.

When the challenge list was announced Christian pointed out that the Easter dresses I had just made fit exactly as my signature look.


The fabric is a pinstriped Swiss dot with green and yellow on a white field.  (I cannot remember for the life of me where I got it, but I know I got it online somewhere.)  I just loved this fabric.  It is really light and I love the tiny dots and pinstripes.

I wanted to showcase the fabric so I chose a very traditional, simple pattern.  Esther’s dress is McCalls M5791 and Dinah’s is a sized-up, self-drafted version of that.

I tweaked the pattern a bit by adding a yellow band to the bottom of the lining on Esther’s dress and making extra-wide sashes for both girls.


The design isn’t going to set the world on fire, but I just love the simplicity and lightness and they were perfect for our Florida Easter.

Fun story about these dresses:  Esther’s dress is actually the dress I cut out for Dinah to wear to my sister’s wedding in April 2010.  Two years ago.  With the quilt I was finishing up for my sister and all the other wedding preparations I didn’t get to finish it.   And by the time I recovered Dinah had outgrown it.  So, all the little cut pieces sat in a box for two years until I pulled them out to make Esther’s Easter dress this year.  When I pulled it out I realized that I had a TON of that fabric leftover…enough to make a dress for Dinah too.  Yay for over-purchasing!


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5 Comments on “My Signature Look: Easter Dresses 2012

  1.  by  Jenny

    Beautiful work. I love the dresses. Will you make for other’s to buy?

    •  by  Harmony

      Hey, Jenny! Thanks…I just love them too. I am currently taking commissions depending on my existing work load. You can send me an email to sewinharmony (at) gmail (dot) com if you want me to make anything and we can work something out.

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