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Time for Project Run & Play Week 2! This week we are going to the movies.  I participated in the first season that this challenge appeared by creating a Shirley Temple dress for a three year old Dinah.

In the interest of combining my spring projects with this season’s challenges I took this opportunity to make a cute outfit for Dinah’s upcoming birthday party.  We are doing a Willy Wonka theme this year since (besides Frozen) that is the girls favorite movie du jour.

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I wanted to make her a Willy Wonka inspired dress without it being too costume-y so she could wear it afterward as just a cute dress.  I also wanted it to be comfortable for her to run and play in during her party.

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I knew my obvious choice would be to create a knit dress.  I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern as my base and modified it a bit. I increased the length to fall just above the knee and slightly graded out the sides to the hem to create a slim A-line shape.  I also color blocked the top bodice part of the dress. I made the sleeves short since the end of March around here is quite warm usually.

Since the dress is on the shorter side I wanted to make some shorts to go along with the dress.  I used the Go To Leggings pattern to create some little bike shorts.

Mrs. Willy Wonka-3

All the fabric I used for this challenge I purchased from Girl Charlee Fabrics.  I have to say this is my new favorite.  The knits were super easy to sew with, they have a great weight and stretch and they were all much more affordable than I originally thought.  Knits at Joann are so expensive and not really the same quality at all.  I’ll definitely be purchasing my knits from Girl Charlee in the future.

So, here’s  a funny thing: every time Dinah sees/wears this dress she says she is ‘Mrs. Willy Wonka.”  I just think that is hilarious and perfect.  So, yes, she is.  Mrs. Willy Wonka. 🙂

P.S. This is what happens when you let the talent eat their chocolate while still in costume.

Mrs. Willy Wonka-14

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5 Comments on “Mrs. Willy Wonka

    •  by  Emily Thompson

      I’m replying to this comment because I can’t comment otherwise ;o) I love this outfit… the colors are lovely!!! I also sewed along and linked up… what a fun week ;o)

  1.  by  Ajaire

    What a great take on wonka! I love the simple details and that bow is just lovely. With the “hat” and the chocolate it’s obvious who your muse was, but if she was just running and playing in it you would think it’s just an adorable comfy dress. Great job!

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