Miriam’s Baptism Dress

Miriam's Baptism Dress-FI

Our final challenge for Project Run & Play each season is our “signature look.”  Since (as I have said previously) I am combining challenges with my spring sewing list I thought this would be a good chance to sew Miriam’s Baptism Dress AND show off the big girls’ dresses since I had never photographed them well and shared them here.

Dinah’s baptism dress was pretty much the reason I got back into sewing.  I knew I wanted to sew this special gown myself so that was when I set about re-learning how to sew.  I actually talk more about Dinah’s dress in one of my first posts.

Miriam's Baptism Dress-3 Dinah Baptism

Esther’s dress I made using the same pattern as Dinah’s…but I eliminated the pleats and tried my hand at smocking.  I like how it turned out, but, MAN, smocking is a lot of work!  I even skipped the pleating part and just smocked from dot to dot on the swiss dot fabric.

Miriam's Baptism Dress-7 Esther Baptism

One detail that I included on each dress is some hand embroidery.  They are just some simple daisies and leaves/vines.  For Dinah’s dress I actually just followed the pattern for embroidery that came with the dress, but I went a little off script for Esther’s by doing just a couple flowers with leaves in the center of the bodice.

Both girls got little matching bonnets as well.  These are basically simple rectangles of fabric with casing at the back for the ribbon ties.  The fronts are folded back and I added ribbons at the front corners for tying under the chin.  Dinah’s was very Amish looking…not on purpose.  Basically I made the initial rectangle way too big, so I had to do a double fold which gave it that Amish-y look.  While Esther’s was the right shape, it seemed dull to me, so I added some ribbon as trim along the folded back band.

When it came time to make Miriam’s dress, I wanted to do something a little different.  I used Simplicity 7189, view A.  I did the 1/2 size, but cut it to the size 4 length to make it more like a gown.  Her dress was made with a white quilting cotton from Joann with teeny tiny dots.

Miriam's Baptism Dress-11

For Miriam’s dress I had to create my own embroidery design.  Working with a tracing of the yoke pattern piece I drew simple interweaving vines peppered with daisies. I transferred that design to the yoke and stitched it with a lovely bright green and light purple.

Miriam's Baptism Dress-8

I loved the simplicity of the tiny dots, so I just kept Miriam’s bonnet plain with satin ribbon ties in front and back.

Miriam's Baptism Dress-10

So, she is just so cute that I couldn’t resist putting in all these pictures!  The following will be mostly for grandparents and other admirers of the model.  She is just so precious!

I’ve had a great time sewing along with Project Run & Play this season.  I was probably the most organized I’ve been and I actually completed all of the challenges well before each deadline.  (Mostly because of our trip to Colorado and Disney…I am finishing this post up in our hotel room.)  Hopefully all this preparedness can carry over to the next season!



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6 Comments on “Miriam’s Baptism Dress

  1.  by  Deborah

    Darling, and a special outfit to save for your daughter when she’s in her 20’s and having a child herself. My daughters baptism dress was worn by their great-great grandmother. So that’s why I think of a passed on treasure.

  2.  by  Karen

    All three of the dresses and bonnets are sure to be treasured heirlooms for your girls. My favorite one is Miriam’s gown. The rounded bodice is such a nice feature. I love the embroidery on each dress.

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