Miriam of the Sea

Miriam of the Sea-FI

This week’s challenge for Project Run & Play was for us to design our own fabric and use it in our look for this week. Christian suggested that I actually create a design and have it printed by Spoonflower. I knew I wanted to design something special for Miriam, but I wasn’t sure what at first. Then I started thinking about doing something that had to do with Miriam’s name or her story in the Bible.

For those who don’t know Miriam was the older sister of Moses who followed him as he drifted down the river in his little basket. And Miriam’s name has several possible meanings, but one of which is “of the sea.” Well, that is two ways that water is referenced. That seemed to answer my design dilemma.

I decided to do a wave pattern with two alternating colors. The green represents the Nile River in Miriam’s Biblical story and the blue represents the sea in her name.

Miriam of the Sea-9

For her dress, I wanted to use a pattern that showcased the actual fabric. I just loved the new Garden Party Dress by Oliver + S the second I saw it and knew that this would be perfect for Miriam’s dress.  I really enjoyed sewing up this pattern (as I do with most Oliver + S patterns) and already have plans to make a version for Esther.

Miriam of the Sea-2

I actually finished her dress last week, but because of weather and our crazy schedule I wasn’t able to get out and take pictures of her in it until today. And, of course, she started getting sick today. It’s pretty gross…snot, goopy eyes, the works. So, she was pretty grumpy today. I got a few good pics of her and the dress, but as you can see from the last picture, she was DONE after just a few minutes. (Also, she really hates sitting in the grass…you can see her holding up her little foot so it doesn’t actually touch the grass. Silly baby.)

Miriam of the Sea-1

Miriam of the Sea-10

Poor sick baby. 🙁

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6 Comments on “Miriam of the Sea

  1.  by  Kathy

    Aw, she’s very cute. The dress is lovely. I also used spoonflower for this part of the sewalong. It was so fun, wasn’t it?

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