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Lollipop Dresses-FI

It is Candy Week!  This was the challenge I was most excited about when the ladies running Project Run & Play announced the theme.  We were supposed to be inspired by any candy we wanted, so the world was open to us.

At first I was a bit daunted by this, but after a few Google Image and Pinterest searches I found this picture:


…and I knew this was it…my inspiration.  I thought a circle skirt with piecing or applique would be perfect.  My first instinct was to cut spirals and piece a swirly circle skirt, but sanity won out and I decided to simply applique bias tape onto a normal circle skirt.  And I LOVE the result…

Lollipop Dresses-5

Their dresses are so reminiscent of lollipops without being costume-y.  So, they are completely wearable on a normal basis.

Lollipop Dresses-18

For the tops I used the bodice pattern and tutorial from Five and Ten Designs.  Dinah’s I made a drop waist  and Esther’s I put at her true waist (I still had to lengthen the pattern a few inches to get the waist line to fall where I wanted it to.)  I cut a 2 for Esther and a 6 (!) for Dinah.  I have one cut for Miram (using the Geranium Dress pattern)  that will be empire waisted, but I didn’t have the right color thread so you will have to wait to see baby cuteness.  *Sidenote: I was a little disappointed to discover after I purchased the Five and Ten ebook that when they say that it covers sizes 12 months to 10 years they only mean even sizes.  My girls are normally  a 3 and a 5 and I purchased the ebook specifically so I wouldn’t have to waste time adjusting pattern sizes, etc. HOWEVER, the 2 was just right for Esther, if even a bit big (she is skinny!) and the 6 was just right for Dinah (even though by the measurements it should have been too big).  If you do purchase this ebook be sure to make a muslin to fit on your child to be sure of sizing.

So, I used “Look 7” from the ebook to make my bodices.  It was very simple and straightforward and the results are very cute.  I loved this because it looks so much like a lollipop stick.  I couldn’t pass it up! (Click on any picture below to see it larger.)

After creating the bodices I deviated from the ebook’s tutorial.  I knew I wanted to do circle skirts to represent the actual yummy candy part of the lollipop.  I am not going to go into full detail about what I did here because I think I am going to use the construction of Miriam’s dress to illustrate a tutorial on how I created the skirts.  Basically I just stitched pre-made bias tape (though you could use your own) onto the skirt in a spiral.

The circle skirts have a major twirl factor which is becoming very important to both girls.

They were really excited about them, though Dinah was disappointed that the lollipop dresses I was making for them didn’t have actual lollipops on them.  I guess she thought I was using some cheesy print???

Lollipop Dresses-26

She came around though…

Lollipop Dresses-27

The fun thing about this photoshoot was that their reward for being good models was built in…I got their (giant) lollipops at Disney last weekend and they have been excited about them ever since.  Though, if you look closely, you will see that Mickey and friends are still on the wrappers…I wasn’t silly enough to let them enjoy them and all their sticky glory while still wearing their new dresses.  They got their rewards at home later…outside…in their bathing suits. 🙂

Lollipop Dresses-3

(They are pretending they are part of the Lollipop Guild from the Wizard of Oz here…one of their new favorite movies.  As a matter of fact, be on the lookout for a young Dorothy and a tiny Glinda towards the end of October.)

Lollipop Dresses-8

This challenge was a lot of fun!  And now these sweet sisters have exciting new dresses for their wardrobes.

Lollipop Dresses-24

Lollipop Dresses-17

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11 Comments on “Lollipop Love

  1.  by  April B.

    So precious! I love both versions and the circle skirt is just perfect. Girls just love the twirl factor, right?

  2.  by  Renee

    So, so cute! It must of been so much work to get the bias tape so perfectly spaced around the curved skirt!

  3.  by  Emily Thompson

    super cute! I love the way the skirts look. If they didn’t have the candy in their hands it would just look like a great outfit. I love your inspiration. I linked up a Milky Way inspired outfit for my son… SO much fun! Emily@nap-timecreations

  4.  by  Kristi White

    These are so sweet. (pun half intended) I think it would make a beautiful Christmas dress if you made white with red bias tape. Love it.

  5.  by  FrancesSuzanne

    LOVE these adorable dresses! The ‘stick’ and the twirly circle skirt are perfection. Obviously, the bribery worked because your photos are fabulous!

  6.  by  simplesimonandco

    Those dresses are to die for!!! Love the circle skirts with the swirls!!! AMAZING WORK!

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