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This week’s Project Run & Play challenge was to remake hand-me-downs into something new. I was feeling uninspired by making something for my girls for this challenge, but I thought it might be fun to take one of my brother-in-law’s old shirts and make it into something for my brand new nephew.

I have not done a whole lot for boys yet. I’ve made a couple vests and pants for Benjamin, but I have not attempted anything like a button down shirt for a boy yet and it was overdue.

I used Kwik Sew 3730 and sewed it exactly like the pattern. For my first time sewing something like this I just needed to follow the directions and not get too carried away.

Daddy's Hand-me-down Shirt-6

I do love some the small details on this pattern though…in particular the bias cut panels along the front. And the cute little pockets. Oh, and for the practical mom it closes at the bottom using snap tape so it is easy to make diaper changes.

It was a fairly easy pattern to make. Some of the instructions were a bit strange and I would do things in a bit different order next time, but it turned out really cute. I already have plans to make another for a friend.

Okay, I know everyone is waiting to see pictures of the tiny baby…so here he is!

Daddy's Hand-me-down Shirt-11

I made a 0-3 month size and as you can see it is still just a bit big on him, but as he is only 6 weeks in these pictures he should fit into it well very soon.

Isn’t he a cutie??

Funny story: he was being cranky about being set down for the pictures, so we tricked him by having Amber put her arm under the blanket to hold his head up and make him feel like he was being held. You know, like those creepy Victorian pictures of children.



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12 Comments on “Just Like Daddy

  1.  by  michellebryer

    OH MY GOODNESS that outfit is adorable! I absolutely love those bias details in the front!! That was actually a fantastic idea you had of someone under the blanket.. I wish I had done that when my boy was smaller! Pictures of babies can look so awkward haha, they never seem comfortable lying down…

  2.  by  Deborah Devine

    Wow…great repurpose of that shirt. I like making items that use repurposed fabric because it is like a gift from the previous owner. My granddaughters will always say, “Yeap, Papa shared his shirt with me.”… and then Papa beams too. So your outfit was a gift from you and his daddy. I bet Dad beamed too.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

  3.  by  Kristin (Ma Moose)

    The baby is adorable, love this refashion. I have to admit that I laughed outloud at the Victorian portraits you linked, so funny! I think it would be hilarious to recreate some of those. ­čÖé

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