Halloween 2013 – Dorothy and Glinda

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Once upon a time, a little girl named Dorothy lived a simple life in Kansas.

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She dreamed of visiting far off lands…

Dorothy and Glinda-2

lands beyond the rainbow.

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One fateful day a terrible storm came…

It’s a twister!

The tornado took Dorothy and her little house to a strange land called Oz.

Dorothy and Glinda-4

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Dorothy and Glinda-3

Now, I *know* we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Once there she discovered that her house landed on a wicked witch, freeing the peaceful Munchkinland people from her tyranny.

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Glinda, the good witch, took the wicked witch’s magical ruby slippers…

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and gave them to Dorothy.  The shoes would protect her as she traveled to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard.  Dorothy hoped the Wizard could help her to return home.

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Glinda told Dorothy to simply follow the yellow brick road and it would lead her to the Wizard.

Dorothy and Glinda-23

And thus began Dorothy’s adventures in Oz.


And there she discovered there really is no place like home.

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So, I realize Halloween was last week and I am totally behind the game.  BUT I still wanted to share the awesome costumes I made the girls this year.

Earlier this year I introduced the girls to the Wizard of Oz and they started immediately planning costumes for Halloween this year.  I hear lots of people talk about their kids not deciding their costumes until the week of Halloween and that it drives them nuts.  Well, mine seem to have memories like steel traps and once they decided on Dorothy and Glinda, there was no mind-changing.

Not that I minded!  These costumes were perfect for my girls.  Dinah was really excited about being Dorothy (because she loves to be the main character) and Esther loves any excuse to put on something pink and sparkly and poofy.

Dorothy and Glinda-25Dorothy and Glinda-9

For Dinah I drafted my own dress pattern based on the traditional costume from the movie.  It was really easy to make and my only problem with this was my own user error.  Somehow the bodice ended up 3 inches too small!  Of course, this was discovered only after I had already attached the skirt.  Sooo, I had some doctoring to do which included adding panels on the side of the bodice and cutting into the skirt some.  The result is a slight puffiness in the hips, but unless you were a real seamstress looking really closely it isn’t super noticeable.  And it is fine for a costume for a 4 year old.

Dorothy and Glinda-19

I also made her a coordinating blouse.  For this I used the Five and Ten Designs bodice pattern (size 6…it runs pretty small) and drafted a giant puff sleeve based on another random sleeve pattern I had lying around.

Dorothy and Glinda-17

I bound the neck and arms with white bias strips trimmed with blue ric-rac.  And put an invisible zipper in the back (so much faster than a million button holes and more practical for dress up).

Dorothy and Glinda-18

Esther’s Glinda dress was also based off the Five and Ten Designs bodice (size 2…that size runs a little big).  I narrowed the shoulder seams and created a sweetheart neckline.  The sleeves are a single layer of organza with elastic in the hem. I trimmed the bodice front along the waist and neckline with some sequin trim that I got at Joann.  I also made a couple sliver butterflies to attach to her dress (like movie Glinda), but they were really fragile and they both lost one of their wings.  Sad.

Dorothy and Glinda-28

The skirt is one layer of satin with boning in the hem to create a hoop skirt.  That is topped with 3 layers of organza.  In order to get maximum “fluffiness” I understitched the top layer of organza.  Basically this means that I lifted up that first layer or organza up and stitched it to the bodice close to the seam.  Doing this made that layer stand out a bit from the other skirt layers and made more the dress a bit more poofy looking.

Dorothy and Glinda-29

Glinda has a couple of props that I needed to make.  Her crown and wand.  For the crown I just went simple and cheap.  I just got posterboard, glued it together and lightly spray painted it with metallic silver.  When that was dry I used glitter glue (awesome stuff) and some gems to decorate it.  For the wand, I had Christian glue a wooden star from Michael’s to a dowel rod and then he used that same metallic paint to spray paint it.  I then bedazzled it a bit so it looked more like movie Glinda’s wand.

Dorothy and Glinda-27  

For trick or treating last week our whole family dressed up as the Wizard of Oz crew.  (I’m the lion.)  It was really fun!


And in case you were wondering about Miriam, she was “Black and White Dorothy” and she rode along with us in her tornado (aka stroller).  For her dress I just whipped my new favorite, the Geranium dress, out of some black and white gingham.  I’ll probably be trimming it with some color to make it more interesting.  I’ll share it with you all a later date…I’ve been making Geraniums up a storm and have a few in my backlog to share.


Hope you all had a fun Halloween!  Looking forward to the Thanksgiving season, as I truly have much to be thankful for!

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  1.  by  Toni

    Amazing job! They both look so adorable, and I love the details like the ric rac on the collar!

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