Halloween 2011


This year Dinah was Goldilocks for Halloween and the rest of us were the Bear family that she intrudes upon.  I knew this would be a really cute and simple costume to create.

It consisted of a white blouse (already on hand) and a black dirndl type vest on top.  To make the vest I drafted up the shape I wanted based on a vest we already had.  It is double sided and has ribbon laced down the front.  This was probably the most complicated piece I made.

For the bottom I made a circle skirt trimmed with eyelet that my grandma sent me from her old stash.  (Under the skirt she wore a store bought tutu to give the skirt a bit more fullness.)

And little pantaloons trimmed with a wide eyelet.

And an apron with a pocket to store her spoon.  Now she is ready to steal some porridge.

I also made her little Goldilocks curls.  I actually bought a wig and snipped off the curls I wanted and glued them to barrettes under huge black bows I made.  They turned out really cute, even it if it looked like her roots were showing!

For us bears, I made ear headbands for me and Papa Bear.  I used felt and stitched them to little, brown headbands.  Mine had a little bow.


I also made us some bear paws.  For these I took $1 bin knit gloves and cut off the fingers.  Then I glued brown minky/fur to the tops along with felt triangles (to be our claws).

I didn’t make Baby Bear’s costume (I found the coat at Carter’s), but she is too cute not to share. 🙂

Here we are!…Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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2 Comments on “Halloween 2011

  1.  by  Gramd,a

    Lovely garment. Glad you could use some of my items of interest…

    •  by  Harmony

      Thank you so much for them! They have come in handy time and time again. I think I’ll be using a lot of that lace for Thanksgiving table decorations too.

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