Guest Posting at Project Run & Play (!) and Bonus Gathered Cuff Tutorial

Summer Shirt Tutorial

Hey everyone!  I am so excited!  Today I am guest posting over at Project Run & Play!  Go there to see this cutie tutorial for summer shirts.

And as a bonus I have a short tutorial here for adapting an existing shorts pattern by adding a gathered cuff.

Gathered Cuff Shorts Adaptation

Make the shorts according to your pattern…EXCEPT do not finish off the hem.

Measure around your child’s leg. Use this formula to cut your cuffs:
Cuff length = Leg + 0.5” (ease) + 1 (seam)

Cut two strips of fabric this length and 4 inches wide.

Fold the cuff piece in half lengthwise. Reopen and fold the raw edges in to the center. Press.

Open cuff piece up all the way, place right sides together and stitch, forming a loop.

Press seam open and press folds again.

Gather the shorts hem.

Sandwich the hem between the layers of the cuff. Pin cuff to shorts, matching the seam to the inseam on the shorts. Adjust gathers as necessary.

Stitch the cuff to the shorts close to edge of the cuff.


Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll post some more pictures of the girls in their outfits, enjoying their popsicles later this weekend.  I know some of you (ahem…grandparents) really only want to see the children. 😉

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3 Comments on “Guest Posting at Project Run & Play (!) and Bonus Gathered Cuff Tutorial

  1.  by  Becky

    Thanks so much for both tutorials! I can’t wait to make them for my daughter. I don’t yet have a go to shorts pattern. What shorts pattern did you use? I love the piping on the pockets. Thanks!

    •  by  Harmony

      Hey, Becky! I’m glad you like the tutorials. For Dinah I have been using Dana’s (from MADE) Kid pants pattern cut off to be shorts. I’ve had to scale it up, since she only offers the pattern for 3Tish size. I’ve also used that as a rough base for making Esther’s 18 month pattern. I actually discovered that because of Esther’s cloth diapers she wears pretty much the same size shorts as Dinah. I just cinch in the waist more with elastic. I used the pockets from this pattern and modified them by adding the touch of piping.

      Good luck! And feel free to email me if you have any questions. I would be happy to help! (Oh, and if you do make the shirts please share! I would love to see them. I started a Flickr group so people can show off stuff they make from my tutorials.)

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