Guess who is still alive…

Robes 6

…that would be me.

So, I ended up taking a longer break than I had intended from blogging.  Sorry to abandon you all, but life seemed to keep getting crazier and crazier.  And then the longer I was away the harder it was to come back.

The time away has given me a chance to think about where I want to go from here and re-evaluate some things.  I have some exciting plans in the works (if you “like” me on Facebook you got a teaser earlier last week) and the Fall always seems to be my busiest sewing time of year.  (Check out the “To Do” list.)

But, for now, let’s recap the second half of my summer.

The biggest thing that I did was coordinate our church’s VBS program.  We did a London Olympics theme this year to tie in with current events.  We had an awesome week!  We made the London skyline along our hallway and each room was a different area of London.  Our volunteers did such a great job that I wanted to share some of our work with you.

After VBS my family went on a much needed vacation.  We just spent a few days down in Orlando at my parent’s place hitting up some non-Disney things in the area, like SeaWorld and the beach.  Last summer I made a robe for Dinah with the Beach Robe pattern from Dana over at MADE.  My plan was to make another one for Esther, but just never got around to it last year.  I had a little extra time before we left so I went ahead and whipped one up for her.

Esther nice and cozy after a long morning at the beach.

Sisters in their robes (with their cute, preggo Auntie)

For both robes I used Ikea bath sheets.  I felt these were perfect because they were nice and absorbent, but not very fuzzy.  Dinah’s has held up very well through two summers of use.

Dinah was trying to make Esther feel better after her traumatizing rinse-off in the waves.

I love these robes…we have even been using them as bathrobes.

"With some on top and some beneath, they brushed and brushed and brushed their teeth."

Esther LOVES her robe...she gets so excited to put it on after bath.

I do have plans to make a couple more with long sleeves to be used for bathrobes instead.  Now that I have conquered my fears of bias tape I can complete one of these pretty quickly.  Dana’s instructions are really easy to follow and I definitely recommend her pattern.

More toothbrushing cuteness

And the final thing I have been working on is planning and hosting a onesie making party for my sister who is expecting her first little one in September.  I decided to make my own invitations for it and I will share how I did them and pics from the party in another post, since this one is already getting too long.

Thanks to those who are still around after my long break…hopefully I will be able to pick my momentum again soon!

What did you make this summer?


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