Gift Giving: Vet Bag

Vet Bag-Front Closed

Time to get back to my gift giving series from Christmas…before I have to start new projects!

My mother-in-law loves her doggies about as much as her children.  She has three little Japanese Chins.  She is very active in Chin Rescue and has adopted and fostered several doggies through their organization.

While it is a great thing to adopt via a pet rescue program, it is not without some drawbacks.  In her case her pups have several health problems.  Poor doggies.

When she comes to stay she usually brings all their meds in an overflowing Gladware dish in a plastic grocery bag.  I thought I could do better than that.

I used this pattern, but I enlarged it a bit so one of those Gladware containers could fit down inside it.

It has an extended lining with a drawstring closure so it can hold tons of doggie medicines and supplies.

I chose this cute paw print fabric (with help from my mom) so it would “look the part” but not be an obvious and cheesy dog print.

Yay! for cute and useful presents!  I hope she gets lots of use out of it!


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2 Comments on “Gift Giving: Vet Bag

  1.  by  Frederique

    Everyone at the vets’ office likes “my vet bag”, too.
    Thank you for this really neat gift.

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