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Hello friends!

I am back! I took my customary summer hiatus so I could focus on getting our church’s VBS ready. We had a great space themed week and I will share pictures of our decorations from our event soon. And then I have been spending the last few weeks preparing everything to transition out of my job as one of our Children’s Ministry directors. It has been a great 3.5 years, but it was time for me to take a step back and just focus on what is going on with our family and my personal pursuits…SO, that means I will hopefully be around here more!

And now, on to this week past week’s sewing project…

As one of our last “hurrahs” of the summer we wanted to take the girls to Disney’s “Frozen Summer” at Hollywood Studios. They are typical little girls and therefore they just love the movie Frozen and each have chosen one of the sisters as her favorite.  When we were making our plans I thought it would be fun to make some simple Anna and Elsa inspired play dresses that they could wear. I am firmly against letting them wear the big polyester princess dresses to Disney when it is hot. These little sundresses were so much more comfy and still let them feel like a princess for the day.

So, some details…

Dinah’s favorite it is Princess Anna and she asked for her coronation day dress. Now both of Anna’s main outfits in the movie are beautiful and have really fun details, but Anna’s coronation day dress is so complex! Looking at pictures and video, it looks to be a box pleated circle skirt, with a contrast color inset in the pleats. AND it has all the embroidery detail. It is really a work of art. Trying to translate this into something more casual was quite difficult. I wanted to include enough of the detailing for the dress to actually reflect the original, but I didn’t want to create an intense amount of work for myself.

Using the Flashback Skinny Tee I drafted up the sweetheart neckline bodice top. It is fully lined and I just used a lightweight interfacing along the sweetheart to give it some structure. (Sidenote: As I was tracing my pattern onto the fabric I freaked out that it looked too small so I added a 1/4 inch to each side of the pattern piece…and that is almost exactly how much too big it is for her. I wanted it to fit a bit more snugly, but it was fine and she will only grow.) I found an embroidery design on Etsy that is actually pretty close to the exact design on the front of Anna’s dress.


(Dinah was being a weirdo for some of these pics…she was distracted by all the cool stuff to see in Oaken’s Frozen Funland.)

For the skirt, I went back and forth. My original design was to do a simple circle or 1/2 circle skirt with the designs painted onto the fabric using a freezer paper stencil. But then I thought that I should do the box pleats too with the designs going down the pleats. However, the math to figure out how to do a box pleated circle skirt was too much for me and I decided to just go for a straight skirt with the box pleats. I am so glad I did! This way was really easy and looks really great on her.

For the skirt design details I created a simple version of the original in Illustrator and imported it into the Silhouette Studio software. I used a Silhouette cameo to cut out the design from freezer paper. I cut the designs into strips and ironed those strips on to the fabric. (I had pre-marked where the pleats would be…lots of measuring once and twice to make sure it was right!) Then I just used stencil brushes to paint the fabric with fabric paint. (I had to mix my own colors…I couldn’t find anything *justright*)

This was a little time consuming, but totally worth it! I think the designs turned out so well and had just the effect I wanted. Since I’ve already done all the work, I thought I would share that Silhouette design with you. This design has four strips that are roughly 1.5 inches x 18 inches long. If you need to make the strips smaller or bigger, that should be really easy if you are familiar with the Silhouette software. I have the 24 inch mat, which helps with cutting large pieces like this, but you could easily edit the file to cut on a smaller mat.

Anna Coronation Day Dress Skirt Design

Esther’s Elsa dress was actually much easier. I used the dress pattern I had already made from the Flashback Skinny Tee, but did a lined bodice instead of binding. I embroidered a silver snowflake on the front and called it a day. The skirt portion is a blue knit overlayed with a sheer knit picot. I cut large snowflake freezer paper stencils (I used a design I purchased from the Silhouette Store) and painted them with white fabric paint. While the paint was still wet I sprinkled it liberally with fine glitter. (Which is now everywhere!) I used my serger and woolly nylon thread to create a rolled hem on the “cape.”

The girls loved their dresses! And I loved how cool and comfortable they were for our HOT day doing Frozen Fun.

Frozen Play Dresses-16

And for third children out there…(ahem, Auntie) Miriam wasn’t completely left out! 🙂 I made her this cute little tshirt with a snowflake and Anna and Elsa themed Mickey heads.

Frozen Play Dresses-13



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