Facebook Friends Giveaway

Cloth Napkins

I recently hit 100 “Likes” on my Facebook page.  Woohoo!  When I hit that milestone I promised I would do a giveaway.  So here’s the drill…

Tomorrow evening I will take the list of everyone who likes my page and assign each person a number.  Then I will use random.org to generate a random number.  And that will be my winner!

The winner will get to choose a custom prize out of the following:

A set of four cloth napkins…

a toddler string backpack…

or a simple tote bag.

Each option will be personalized with your fabric choices and hand-embroidery.

Tell your friends!  There is still a day left to “Like” my page.

Good luck!

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2 Comments on “Facebook Friends Giveaway

  1.  by  Lonita (Sew Now Studio)

    Hi Harmony: Dotty has told me about your blog and all the great sewing you do. I just opened a sewing store in Shelton called Sew Now Studio. Just wanted to say how I love you blog and all the great items you make. Take care and keep the wonderful ideas going out there.

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Lonita! Good luck with your store…sounds like fun!

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