Dance Shoe Bag…you can have one too!

Dance Shoe Bag 1

Dinah started her first dance class last week.  Last spring she went with me to the recital to see several of her friends dance and she has been excited about it ever since.  And I’ve been excited too.  I love introducing her to new activities and seeing what her little personality will choose or what talents she might have.   This is definitely one of the fun parts of watching your children grow up.

She was so excited to start class that this is really the best picture I got of her that day…You can see her legs are still a blur as she kicks them around in anticipation. 🙂 Funny girl.

Here she is actually sitting still where she is supposed to be before class starts…a miracle.  Her dance teacher is a sweet lady who attends our church and she is just great with these little ones.  We are excited for a great year with Miss Julie!

Before we left for class though, Dinah showed off her new dance shoe bag.

Her class covers both ballet and tap, so she needed both sets of shoes.  And I know how crazy our lives are and I knew she needed a little bag that would be her shoes’ permanent home.  I also wanted to preserve the shoes…these are ONLY for dance class and recitals, not for play.

So, I made a little bag…

I love this bag…it is just the right size for a couple pair of her shoes, with a little room to grow.  It also has room for spare tights or a brush if needed.

I wanted it to have a classic look, so I chose black with pink accents.  The lining is a baby pink color and I did the ballet shoes applique in the same color.  Her name is stitched in white.

It is such a cute and functional bag, that I thought it would be a perfect item to start off my new shop!  So, now you can purchase a dance shoe bag for your little one or even for yourself!

Stop on by the shop and check it out!  I don’t have a bunch listed right now…I am starting slow, with just a few items.  But with Christmas around the corner, there are a couple things that might catch your eye.  And I’ll be adding more items slowly over the next year.

Edit: I’ve since closed up my Shop.


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4 Comments on “Dance Shoe Bag…you can have one too!

  1.  by  Stacey

    THat bag is soooo cute! A prefect bag for a sweet little girl! I wish I had your skills!
    Thanks for linking up this week…hope to see you next week at the Autumn Inspiration Linky Party!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Stacey! I think I should have something Fall-ish to link up. 🙂

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