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I’m back for another season of Project Run & Play!  I’ve been a bit less organized this time around, so hopefully I can keep up and make all the deadlines!  As with last season, I wanted to combine as many of these challenges with my spring sewing to-do list. Some of them fit the bill perfectly and some are kind of a stretch…but I’m excited to be participating again.

Okay, let’s get started!…The first challenge for this season is “Put Me in the Zoo.” We are supposed to create a look inspired by a favorite animal (either mine or the children’s). I admit this challenge had me completely stumped. My favorite animal is the tiger, and while I love them, any thing I could think of inspired by tigers would be either too costume-y or too animal print-y. So, I started asking the girls what their favorite animals were, hoping for some inspiration that way. Strangely they said frogs…ooookay. And that answer stayed the same over a couple days, which is unheard of. The girls needed new pool/beach robes, so frogs could work, but I was not liking the idea of doing something boring and green. But then Christian reminded me of all the fun, colorful tree frogs there were out there. I especially liked these:

I just love the pop of bright color around the edges and took my main inspiration from that.

I used the MADE beach robe pattern again.  I chose a pale yellow and a minty green color and used a bright pinky coral color for the binding.  I really like how it references the coloring of the tropical tree frogs, with out being a weird froggy costume.

Cozy Tree Frogs-7Cozy Tree Frogs-5

And now the girls have new cozy robes to wrap up in after all the swimming we will be doing this summer!

They were practicing their “frog faces.” Catching flies with honey. 🙂

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