Children’s Sportswear – PR&P Challenge Week 2


As you may have seen, I am participating in the weekly sew-alongs for Project Run & Play.  Last week was easy.  It was a remix of the Circle Skirt Tutorial by Dana over at MADE.  I had used a circle skirt for Dinah’s Wendy Dress, so I submitted that. Week one: check!

This week the challenge is “Sportswear.”  This is a bit more tricky.  The ladies running PR&P gave us a handy link to the sportswear Wikipedia page and this description:

Sportswear is based upon stylish but wearable, comfortable and interchangeable multi-purpose clothes that combine practicability with style!

I have been holding on to a pair of vintage pillowcases that my mom found in her new house.  I was planning to turn them into pillowcase dresses for the girls, but I thought it would be perfect to go ahead and pull them out for this challenge.  I knew I wanted to make a little tunic type top and a pair of shorts, but I wasn’t sure of the design.  After a bit of research, this is what I had sketched out:

And here is the finished product!

Here are some details…

The top is a slim fitting tunic that I drafted myself.  I based it off the simple bodice pattern I drafted for the nightgowns.  I just made it a touch wider and longer.

For the ruffle detail I  made a fabric tube and pressed it flat.  Then I gathered it down the middle and stitched it to the front of the tunic.  I also added the strip of bias tape made from the shorts fabric and (my favorite) three little fabric covered buttons.  I bound the neck and armholes with the same blue bias tape.

I did a simple slit opening in the back with a loop of elastic and a large fabric covered button.

For the shorts, I modified MADE’s Kid Pants/Shorts pattern.  This was the most tricky part of the process.  I knew I wanted to add pockets, so I had to cut the front pattern piece a bit short at the top and create a front waistband.  I also needed a bit more volume in the legs so they would gather up as I wanted.

This shorts pattern from Craft Passion was cute, but wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.  I did like the pockets, so I used that part of her tutorial.

I love the touch of the shorts gathered into cuffs.  This ended up being really easy.  I gathered up the hem of the shorts and then bound each leg in the cuff.  I am clearly obsessed with fabric covered buttons, so I added a couple to the outside of each cuff.

I really love the way this whole outfit turned out.  (Despite its Auburn-ness.)  Dinah really likes it too.  It is fun to sew for her while she still thinks it is wonderful that her mom made her clothes.  I figure I have until she is around 11.  So, lots more sportswear to go.

Here are some actions shots:


My goal is to make a coordinating outfit for Esther, but I didn’t have time to get it done this week.  I’ll post pictures of her outfit when it is finished.  UPDATE: Pictures are up here!


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23 Comments on “Children’s Sportswear – PR&P Challenge Week 2

    •  by  Harmony

      Yeah, you are the only thing that makes the colors okay. 🙂

  1.  by  Jess

    What a cute outfit! You did a great job putting it together, and great pics!


    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Jess! The pics are a miracle…she was NOT in the mood to be a model. I think the 6 here are the only good ones I got!

  2.  by  Karen

    I loved this look 🙂 I am a sucker for ruffles and fabric covered buttons and I liked the colors you chose. Great job!

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks! I am glad someone else shares my (borderline obsessive) love of fabric covered buttons.

  3.  by  Donna (MOM)

    Hurray for the pillowcases! So much cuter this way. Again, have I told you how talented you are?

    •  by  Harmony

      Aw, thanks mom! And thanks again for the pillowcases! They were probably the only good looking pieces of linen that were left in that house. 🙂

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks! I saw that we were both thinking orange and blue this week. 🙂

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    •  by  Harmony

      Hi Lynne, Thanks! I went back and forth on the coordinating color, but in the end navy really was the obvious choice.

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Shannon! It was really simple to create, but has a lot of punch.

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Veronica! I just love it too…it is hard not to grab it and put it on her every time we go out of the house!

  5.  by  Darillyn Lamb Starr

    This is really darling! I love the ruffle, and the covered buttons! I’ve trying to use up some of my fabric stash, sewing summer clothing for my granddaughter. I’ll be making one of more of these tunics for her!

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Darillyn! These tunics really are great…stylish while still being perfect for a little girl. Happy sewing!

  6.  by  Jenni

    I love the outfit… and the orange and navy together look SWEET! I’d love to try, but I’m not sure if I could handle those shorts! It looks quite complicated.
    Great job!!! Thanks for sharing.

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks! The shorts were actually pretty easy once I figured out how to do it. I’ll be doing a tutorial in June and I’ll cover how to adapt a shorts pattern like this. Hope you will come back to check it out!

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