Children Divided


We are big football fans in our house.  But my husband and I have loyalties to different teams.  Most of the time this isn’t a big problem.  We tend have wardrobe changes during the day (out of fairness).  The girls will be in their Red and Black during my games and Orange and Blue during his.  This year I made little dresses for them for Saturday game days.  I got little team logo patches from a sports apparel store online and attached them on.

 Dawg Dames                                       Gator Gals

This divided loyalty has caused some confusion in our children though.  I’ve taught Dinah how to “Call the Dawgs”

and Christian has taught her to Gator Chomp.

Sometimes this combines…she’ll say “Go Gators! Sic ’em!  Woof woof woof!”  One day she will do this on camera and we will share.

BUT this is the one week a year our divided loyalties are a problem.  Tomorrow is the Georgia vs. Florida football game.  So our children have to be divided too.


Basically I took two t-shirts and two onesies, cut them in half and sewed them back together.


I actually made the onesie version for Dinah way back in the day.

The girls will be hanging out with their Granny and Grandpa while we go over to Jacksonville for the Game.  We will make sure to get pictures of the girls in their getup tomorrow.

And Go Dawgs!

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