Chevron Circle Skirts

Blue Outfit

So a couple weeks ago the Project Run & Play challenge of the week was to use a chevron pattern somehow in your design.  I got my pictures all ready and went to write my post and…my blog was down.  Boo!  Christian did get it up running later that night, but the opportunity to write had passed.  And now I finally have a minute to post what should have been posted a couple weeks ago…

I had a plan to make cute outfits for the girls to wear for Easter egg hunting, but my original plan was to do something really simple.  Like purchased tshirt and simple elastic waist skirt simple.  But when I saw the list of challenges for this PR&P season I thought egg hunting would be a good opportunity to incorporate the chevrons.

Riley Blake has a line of chevron patterned fabric and I just loved the colors of one of the patterns.  It was perfect and spring-timey.


However, once I chose the fabric I was at a loss as to what to do with it.  I didn’t want big, busy, chevron-y skirts, but I had a hard time thinking up something else.  My friend Anna suggested doing something with a box pleat with the chevron inset.  I love circle skirts for the girls and I thought having the little pleat would be a fun addition.

My other dilemma was deciding what to applique on their shirts…I didn’t want a bunny or an egg or anything that would limit the outfits’ use to only Easter time, but I couldn’t think of anything great until I stumbled upon the idea of a hot air balloon.  Christian solidified this by sending me this awesome picture…


So, here are their sweet outfits.

Blue Skirt

Blue Skirt Pleat

Blue Skirt Hem Blue Outfit


Green SkirtGreen Skirt Pleat Green Skirt Hem Green Outfit

A few details…

  • The skirts are actually only a 3/4 circle…they have a nice twirl and bounce to them, but they lie a little straighter while being worn.
  • The box pleat inset is 1/4 of the circle so that is why they twirl so nicely…the inset makes the skirt have a full circle hem.
  • I love using bias tape hem facing on circle skirts (SO much easier to hem this way) and the chevrons cut on the bias have awesome visual interest.
  • I used a wide elastic waistband and just stitched the top of the skirt to the bottom of the waistband.
  • The skirts were actually pretty simple to make…once I conquered the math!  You should have seen me…geometry was not my favorite in school and that has not changed.  Luckily I found this circle skirt calculator from The Snugbug that is SO helpful.

I just love how they turned out.  I wish I had some better pictures of them wearing them.  We got several cute pictures of them egg hunting, playing, etc., but not many great ones of the actual outfits.  So, here is a sampling of “action” shots of them running and twirling and enjoying the (finally) beautiful spring weather.

Chevron Circle Skirts In Action 9

And now I am off to relax after a busy weekend.  We had Dinah’s superhero birthday party on Saturday.  It was “incredible” and I can’t wait to share about the event later this week!

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