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Hello friends,  Just a short “blog-keeping” post to share with you guys…

After a lot of thought and prayer and hemming and hawing, I’ve decided to close up my Shop for good.  Well, I might be back in the far-distant future, but there is just too much going on in my life right now.  I do love to sew things up for other people, but I miss doing more projects for my own children and gifts for my friends and even sewing something for myself.  And my part-time ministry job is pretty demanding.  And I like actually posting things to the blog.  Also, you know…new baby.

(But isn’t she the cutest excuse?)

Ugh…I hate closing up again so soon after re-opening…it makes me feel fickle.  But, you know, sometimes I have to push myself too hard to know exactly what my limits are…and this time I found them.

I’m sewing up my last Wendy Dress tonight and tomorrow and after that I’m out.  Well, out of the sewing for money thing…hopefully this will mean I have more time for actually sharing the projects I’ve completed.  I also would love to get to my tutorial-making to-do list.


Introducing Miriam (9 of 17)

Hello, everyone!  As you can see I have been taking an extended absence from blogging…part of this was due to having a new baby and part of it was working hard on our church’s VBS so I could get away to actually have my new baby. 🙂  In order to ease back into this blogging thing I thought I would show you a bit of what I’ve been up to since I’ve been away.

So, I would love to introduce my newest little muse…Miriam!

Introducing Miriam (4 of 17)

So far she has been a very sweet baby.  She is a good eater and actually a good sleeper.  (If I had been blogging while my first two were little ones you would know what a big deal this last thing is!)

Introducing Miriam (9 of 17)

Her funny thing is yawning…she is a HUGE yawner.

Introducing Miriam (7 of 17)Introducing Miriam (5 of 17)Introducing Miriam (1 of 17)

She is already one month old!  I can’t believe it!  Although, it already seems like she has always been with us.

Introducing Miriam (17 of 17)Introducing Miriam (8 of 17)Introducing Miriam (10 of 17)

Dinah and Esther are completely in love with her.  They are both great big sisters and like to be as “helpful” as they can.

Introducing Miriam (2 of 17)Introducing Miriam (3 of 17)Introducing Miriam (6 of 17)

As you can see, my last post was about the Chevron Circle Skirts.  As I got closer to my due date I decided that I should make some Big Sister/Little Sister shirts for the girls.  I had plenty of scraps left from the chevron fabric and I used that to make these shirts.  I also had lots of bias strips left as well, so I made a little yellow skirt for Miriam and edged the hem with the bias tape.

Introducing Miriam (14 of 17)
Introducing Miriam (11 of 17)Introducing Miriam (13 of 17)Introducing Miriam (12 of 17)

That’s about all the sewing I have done in awhile.  VBS is always a TON of work and usually takes up all my creative mojo for the months leading up to it.  I am taking a maternity sabbatical right now and I’ve been working on some hand embroidery projects that have been languishing for about as long as the blog has been.  Hopefully they will be finished soon and I’ll be able to share them.

Oh, and I wanted to share some pics of Miriam in this sweet lady bug hat that my sister made.  Too cute!

Introducing Miriam (16 of 17)Introducing Miriam (15 of 17)

Thanks to those of you who stuck around during my hiatus!  I’m looking forward to jumping back into sewing and sharing!  Especially once the big girls (can’t believe Esther counts as a “big” girl now!) go back to school in a couple weeks…

Hello, friends!  (If there are any of you still around!)  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed your New Year’s Festivities.

We had a wonderful time with family and friends.  And a less wonderful time with sickness.  Our whole family came down with some form of sickness or another.  We’ve all had a round of antibiotics and at least one of us has been sick for the past month…so you can imagine how fun that has been!

And now, my news…Baby #3 is on its way!

We are about 14 weeks along and this little one will be joining us sometime around the end of June.  We (hopefully) get to find out the gender in a couple weeks and we will finally be able to say “he” or “she” instead of “it.”  Obviously we really only care about a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery, but I have to say I think we are both hoping for a girl.  You know, we have all the stuff for girlies already and I think I just prefer girls.  My sister is definitely hoping for a boy though.  She had her sweet boy in September so these two cousins will only be 9 months or so apart.  And really that will be fun for them no matter if we have a boy or a girl.

And I have to say…look at that picture above!  They (whoever “they” are) were right…you really do “pop” way earlier with later pregnancies!

Okay, now for my apologies…my poor little blog has been “dark” for ages now.  Between the sheer exhaustion early pregnancy brings, the play our church did just before Christmas and quite a good amount of business through the Shop, I just haven’t been able to make myself sit down and do the work of editing pictures and writing, etc.  So, while I have been sewing lots (and lots), I have also been doing quite a lot of sleeping!

I’ve updated my To-Do List by crossing off the things I was actually able to accomplish this past Fall.  Of course my list was far more than I could take on…especially once I became pregnant!  But, I did get through some things and I will be blogging them here soon.  I’ll be updating the list for my Spring projects soon too.  One of the things I plan to do in order to kick start things here again is participating in the Project Run & Play sew-along again.  I am excited about the challenges (one of them is for boys, so I get to sew something for my little nephew!) and the whole process will make me start blogging regularly again.  Thank goodness I am now officially in the second trimester and have my energy back.  And the New Year has given me a new motivation to get some things done!

So, for those of you who stuck around through the quiet…your patience will be rewarded!


Dance Shoe Bag 1

Dinah started her first dance class last week.  Last spring she went with me to the recital to see several of her friends dance and she has been excited about it ever since.  And I’ve been excited too.  I love introducing her to new activities and seeing what her little personality will choose or what talents she might have.   This is definitely one of the fun parts of watching your children grow up.

She was so excited to start class that this is really the best picture I got of her that day…You can see her legs are still a blur as she kicks them around in anticipation. 🙂 Funny girl.

Here she is actually sitting still where she is supposed to be before class starts…a miracle.  Her dance teacher is a sweet lady who attends our church and she is just great with these little ones.  We are excited for a great year with Miss Julie!

Before we left for class though, Dinah showed off her new dance shoe bag.

Her class covers both ballet and tap, so she needed both sets of shoes.  And I know how crazy our lives are and I knew she needed a little bag that would be her shoes’ permanent home.  I also wanted to preserve the shoes…these are ONLY for dance class and recitals, not for play.

So, I made a little bag…

I love this bag…it is just the right size for a couple pair of her shoes, with a little room to grow.  It also has room for spare tights or a brush if needed.

I wanted it to have a classic look, so I chose black with pink accents.  The lining is a baby pink color and I did the ballet shoes applique in the same color.  Her name is stitched in white.

It is such a cute and functional bag, that I thought it would be a perfect item to start off my new shop!  So, now you can purchase a dance shoe bag for your little one or even for yourself!

Stop on by the shop and check it out!  I don’t have a bunch listed right now…I am starting slow, with just a few items.  But with Christmas around the corner, there are a couple things that might catch your eye.  And I’ll be adding more items slowly over the next year.

Edit: I’ve since closed up my Shop.


Toddler String Backpack

Okay, my faithful followers…I am doing it…I am opening a shop.  Whee!  I am starting small at first…just a few bags and maybe a couple simple dresses, maybe some embroidered onesies…nothing crazy.  I just wanted to share  the news because you will start to see a few changes around here as things are under construction.  I hope to have my first items listed after this weekend!  But until then, pretend it is just a secret between just you and I. When things are ready to go, I will let you know so you can tell all your friends. 🙂

And as a sneak preview, you might see something like this…

or this…