Care Bear Family

Care Bear Family FI

Hello friends! I am back for another season of Project Run & Play! The first challenge this cycle is one of my favorites from all the cycles…Eighties Cartoons! There was so much to choose from and I knew I would be able to come up with something fun from lots of different cartoons.

However, after thinking about it I decided that the Care Bears were really the only way to go for me. I am still a kid at heart and enjoy watching the cheesy eighties movies with my girls. And there is lots of inspiration with all their colors and markings. But it was Christian (as always) who helped me with the major breakthrough. He suggested some sort of curved bodice created by the rainbow and that set me off  with lots of creative ideas for the others.

So, we’ll start with Cheer Bear Esther since that was my jumping off point.

Cheer Bear-Esther

I used the Oliver + S Tea Party sundress for this dress and a created a pieced rainbow bodice and a pink skirt. I added white corded piping to the front seams (not the back because I think that would be too uncomfortable to sit in) and to the seam between bodice and skirt. Let me tell you…corded piping on this dress is a beast! All the curved seams! Argh…it was crazy and very time consuming because I just had a hard time getting close enough to the piping when sewing my seams. Apparently I need a piping foot and that will change my life. So, make a note for Christmas people!

I also made Esther’s (and Miriam’s below) a size too big so they can wear them next spring. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time creating sundresses in the fall. So, for Esther I sewed up a 4T with no alterations. However, I should have made it with a 5T length. I always forget how long her legs are and she gets too tall for dresses well before she gets too wide for them. So, this dress is the appropriate length now, but a bit big around. In the spring it should fit a bit better around the chest, but will be more like a tunic than a dress. I’ll probably sew up or buy some white capri leggings to go with it and that will still look really cute and not be so scandalous.

Funshine Bear-Miriam

For our little Funshine Bear Miriam, I also used the Tea Party. This I wanted to look like the sun with the rays peeking up over onto the bodice. My machine has this random satin stitch line setting and I just used that to create the rays on the bodice.  She also has piping at the seams to help create a uniform look across all the dresses.

This kid is hilarious…we love our happy baby. 🙂

Friend Bear-Dinah

Now for our Friend Bear Dinah.

I had a harder time coming up with something for Dinah. I initially wanted to use Tenderheart Bear and do some sort of school uniform-y kind of dress. But I just couldn’t bring myself to make a boring brown dress when the other two were getting such happy dresses. So, I went back to the research and settled on Friend Bear. She is a peachy-orange color and has two criss-crossed flowers and I thought this would be perfect for my friendly Dinah. (Dinah constantly is making new friends…she has no barriers and it is one of my favorite things about her.) She also looks good in orange and yellow.

I wasn’t sure how to incorporate the flowers into the Tea Party and then I realized that the pattern doesn’t go up to a size 6 anyways, so I switched to the Seashore Sundress which I just love on her. I designed this to have a scalloped edge skirt like flower petals. And then when I was at the fabric store I found the perfect buttons…Cute little yellow flowers! I also used piping along the front seams for synergy with the other dresses and to give it a bit of visual interest on the front. I made this one to fit her now because she won’t grow as quickly between now and next spring and I think this would be cute with a white blouse for a school uniform dress.

(*Side note: I promise I did iron these dresses before I took pictures! This is why I don’t normally sew clothing with quilting cotton…it is so high maintenance after washing! And then if you sit in it for 5 seconds creases everywhere!)


So, just before I started sketching out my dress ideas the girls randomly got really into Care Bears. So, we’ve watched both the original movie and the sequel (prequel?) a few times recently. Which made our photoshoot today really fun.


Care a lot! We care a lot! (Random cheer…song…thing from the second movie…they are obsessed with it.)

And of course…

Care Bear Stare

And my sweet girls really do care…a lot.

Care Bear Family


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16 Comments on “Care Bear Family

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    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks! They do love them…Dinah has already written hers to school as a jumper with a blouse…It was really cute that way too!

    •  by  Harmony

      Thank you! That piping was a bear, but definitely worth it for the end result.

  2.  by  Annie

    Oh, Wow, 3 cute dresses! I especially love the rainbow one, the design is genius. It sure will look cute as a tunic too.

  3.  by  Emily Thompson

    oh so cute!! I love the rainbow dress! Its gorgeous even if you don’t know the inspiration.. I loved this challenge too! I’m currently hosting a book inspired sew a long… you can link up anything sewed in 2014.. have you sewed anything inspired by a book? Come on over and check out Sew Many Books at Nap-Time Creations! The link to the sew a long is in all the sew many books posts…

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