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Butterfly Hoodie-FI

I forgot something!  When I did my little things post I totally forgot about the hoodie that I made Dinah.

Butterfly Hoodie-5

Well, I guess it isn’t such a “little thing.”  I wanted to do this project for a couple reasons…she needed a new hoodie and I wanted to stretch my comfort zone by sewing with knits.  Awhile back I bought a bundle of patterns (the Sew Fab bundle) and it included this pattern from Kitschy Coo.  It looked simple enough, so I thought I would try it.  I definitely love how it turned out!  I had been eyeing this knit at Joann for awhile and I loved the idea of doing a fun print on one side and using this glittery knit on the other side.

The pattern is really nice and fits her really well.  There are a couple parts that get kind of confusing, but the pictures and diagrams she includes really help clear things up.  The most confusing part is when you are actually attaching the two coats together to make it one reversible coat.  But once you get to that point it becomes clear what you are supposed to do.  I appreciate her figuring out how to make something this complicated reversible…everything I’ve tried to make reversible has always ended up all weird.  I guess my brain doesn’t work like that.


The one thing I changed was the way the pockets were done.  The original pattern calls for rather boxy pockets that connect right to the zipper.  Because I wanted to do pockets on both sides of the jacket I knew that would be way too bulky for installing the zipper.  I opted for bias bound curved pockets instead.  These function more like patch pockets so it greatly reduces the bulk near the zipper.

Anyways, math and construction aside, this jacket is great!  Because it is actually two layers of knit is is quite a warm hoodie, which is actually really perfect for our lightly cool mornings/evenings in fall and spring around here.

Also, she loves it…which is really the most important.  When you are saying, “Get your jacket!” on the way out the door, you want your kid to actually want to put on said jacket.  So, score one for mommy!

Butterfly Hoodie-8

We just did a quick photoshoot one day when we got home from errands, but my girl has become quite the model with her assorted “poses.”

Also, sometime before Christmas she started zipping up her own coats. *sniff*

Butterfly Hoodie-9

For some reason, this seams like such a “big girl” thing to me.  I guess almost Kindergarteners should know how to zip their own jackets…but still!  What a big girl…

Butterfly Hoodie-16

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