Baptism Gown

After I had Dinah I was home from work for three months of leave and I started thinking about a hobby for naptime. I also knew I wanted to make her baptism dress so I dusted of my sewing machine and reacquainted myself with it. I had sewed some in college while working in the costume shop, but I didn’t do very much and that was already 7 years in the past. My first project was this little dress.

I was wandering the Joann’s and totally fell in love with this fabric. It is a textured, lightweight yellow with sweet little cherries on it.  It was perfect for a little summer dress.  I recently pulled it back out for Esther and it was just as cute, but I noticed that my construction skills have really improved since then.  That was encouraging!

Shortly after that I had to go back to work.  So my revived hobby had to take a back burner.  That lasted all of  three months before we decided it would be best for our family if I stayed home with our new baby girl.  Dinah’s baptism was right around the corner so I knew I had to get cracking.

In looking at baptism or christening gown patterns I decided I didn’t like them.  Too frilly for my tastes.  And then I found this cute pattern with vintage baby designs and modified it just a bit to make it longer and more “baptism-y.”  One thing I loved about this design was the little embroidery detail.

It had a been a loooong time since I had done any hand embroidery, but after doing this little bit I fell in love with it.  These little flowers add such a sweet touch and detail that was needed to keep it from being too plain.  I also made a little bonnet for her.  I loved it, but some people just had to point out that it looked like a little Amish bonnet.  I still think it is cute.


So, those were my first real projects in my modern sewing career.  After this I decided to be brave and make, yes make, everyone’s Christmas presents that year.  Stay tuned…

Welcome to my new blog…sew in harmony.  I am so excited to start sharing some of my sewing and craft projects with all of you out there.  (All two of you for right now!)  Be on the look out soon for a couple posts telling about some of my past projects…just to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for joining me on this new adventure!