Baby, Take a Bow!

Shirley Temple Dress-9

This week’s challenge for Project Run & Play was Let’s Go to the Movies! We were to be inspired by something or someone in the movies. Awhile back my dad noticed the similarity between my Dinah and Shirley Temple, so when this challenge was announced I just knew that I had to make her a Shirley Temple Dress.

I started by doing some research and found lots of great images of Shirley Temple and I just love the style of 1930s girls’ clothes.

Source: via Harmony on Pinterest


Source: via Harmony on Pinterest


Source: via Harmony on Pinterest


My original thought was to do something like this:

Source: via Harmony on Pinterest


But I couldn’t find fabric like this anywhere and decided it wasn’t very practical. So I settled on something like this, from the movie “Baby, Take a Bow”:

Source: via Harmony on Pinterest


Joann actually had a cotton in this sweet tiny dot that was perfect. And I found a pattern with all these knife pleats and huge puffy sleeves that was almost perfect.



I modified the pattern in a couple ways. One, I wanted the buttons in the back and two, I didn’t like the button placket. So, I just used the same pattern piece for the front and the back and simply lowered the neckline for the front piece. For all the pleating detail the dress was actually very easy to make. It was just fairly time-consuming with all the hand-sewing it required.


I finished the outfit off with an eyelet trimmed slip,

a pair of bloomers and…

…lots of pin curls!

We had a fun photo shoot this morning.  We went to an amphitheater nearby and let her play on the stage.  She had a blast singing and twirling and skipping about.

Next week is our final challenge…our signature look.  Honestly, I feel like this IS my signature look, but I do have something else great to show you next week.

For now, I have to go.  I’ve got two Minnie Mouse dresses to create for our Disney trip this weekend. (!)

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12 Comments on “Baby, Take a Bow!

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Holli…it helps that I don’t sleep ever.

      •  by  April Wheeler

        Hi I was wondering if you sell dresses like this one? I am looking for a dress for my daughter to wear as Shirley Temple and I love this one!!!! Please let me know. Thank you very much! April or 626 260-1689

        •  by  Harmony

          Hi April, I don’t have one listed in my shop, but I could take a custom order. I’ll email you details.

  1.  by  Crystal

    I need this dress for my daughter!!!! She is Shirley Temple in our schools “wax museum”. This would be perfect!!! I have had little dresses like this for her when she was young by “Ance’ K” but they are no longer in business, but had the most perfect Shirley Temple dresses.

    •  by  Harmony

      Do you sew? It actually wasn’t very hard to make. I could also make one for you…I will send you an email with details.

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