An ‘Incredible’ Birthday Party

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So, I had this post almost all ready to go and I was going to post it during the great baby hiatus of 2013, but you see how well that went!  But better late than never, right?…


Way back in March my Dinah turned four.  Four!  And we (of course) had a fun party for her.  My girls got really into The Incredibles in fall 2012 and Dinah said she wanted a superhero party for her birthday.  She actually stuck with this idea for several months, to my surprise.  I did lots of research on girly superhero parties and found some good ideas that I shamelessly replicated…no real original ideas here…just fun times!

Dinah's Birthday Invite

Okay, a few details…

We decided to go with our new party standard, which is to have it a local park.  I am in love with throwing parties at a park right now.  There is always plenty of room for all the people, the children have access to great playground equipment, and the trash from the party goes in the lovely large cans provided by the parks people.  And most important of all, my house does not need to be cleaned both before and after the party.  Win!

Dinah's Incredible Birthday-1

We invited/encouraged the guests to come dressed as superheroes and many did…including Dinah.  She had been talking about being “Elasti-girl” for forever, so I knew I had to comply.  Because I knew this was the costume she wanted to have for her party I knew to go ahead and grab some red tights and a red turtleneck shirt around Christmas-time.  She wore her dance leotard over her tights and I made an Incredibles logo out of felt and basted it onto her shirt.  And I created her thigh-high “boots” with a pair of old man compression socks that Christian had in his drawer.  She looks pretty good!

Dinah's Incredible Birthday-4 Dinah's Incredible Birthday-5

For party favors/activities I had a mask making station and the kids could decorate their own superhero masks.  And then I made superhero capes for the 25 little ones at the party.  I followed this tutorial at Jolly Mom that I found via Pinterest.  They were SUPER easy to do and it just took me one evening to crank out all 25.  I made pink ones for the girls and blue for the boys.  For the back I just did stars in a circle and used spray glue to attach them.  The kids all LOVED their capes.  It was so much fun to see them all running around the playground in them.  They were especially cool on  the swings.  Best.Favor.Ever…really.  AND because I bought the felt on sale each cape cost less than $2 each.  Can’t beat that!

Because this was just an afternoon party we just had snacks and cupcakes for food.

My favorites were the superhero blow-pops…so cute!

Dinah's Incredible Birthday-10

I made red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese icing.  For a pop of color I used colored sugars on the top.  I also made cute little cake toppers using clip art that I found on Etsy.  It is by PeachPoPs Clip Art and they have such cute stuff!  I used the clip art for my invitations and all my decorations…including the cityscapes that I put around the serving bowls, etc.

Dinah's Incredible Birthday-9 Dinah's Incredible Birthday-8

We all had a great time out at the park celebrating Dinah and hanging out with friends.  I scheduled her party on what seemed like the one weekend of the year that everyone we knew was in town, so we had a TON of guests and it was awesome to have so many people out there.  The weather was beautiful and we had another party success!

Dinah's Incredible Birthday-26 Dinah's Incredible Birthday-22 Dinah's Incredible Birthday-23 Dinah's Incredible Birthday-24Dinah's Incredible Birthday-20 Dinah's Incredible Birthday-17

And now it is almost September and Esther’s birthday is right around the corner…time to get planning!




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2 Comments on “An ‘Incredible’ Birthday Party

  1.  by  Scary

    Very fun. I have been thinking about doing something similar for my little guy birthday party. I will have to check out your pinterest.

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, it was a really fun party and theme. LOTS of great ideas out there.

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