A Winter Playdate

Winter Playdate-FI

It is time once again for Project Run & Play! This season is a “favorites” season and the contestants are all previous sew-a-long winners (one of which I will be…hopefully…someday!) and the challenges are all favorite challenges from seasons past.

When they announced all the challenges I was excited to see that I could combine much of my early spring sewing list with all of the challenges.  Right now my life is too crazy to add any random additional sewing, so being able to merge my plans with this season’s challenges was very fortuitous and made it possible for me to participate at all, really.

This week we are to submit a design inspired by Winter.  We are headed to the Great White North(west) aka Colorado later this month for one of my cousin’s wedding.  We don’t have much a “winter” here in Florida, but I knew that the girls would need something warmer for the wedding.  Therefore, this seemed like a perfect way to merge with one of the PR&P challenges.

I knew immediately that I wanted to do something in a light blue velveteen with embroidered snowflakes.  I also knew I wanted the dress silhouettes to be fairly tailored.  That led me to look through the Oliver+S patterns to see what they had.  I saw the Playdate Dress and knew that it was the perfect pattern for my vision.

It has a simple a-line shape with a sweet pleat in the front and at the sleeve.  I also love the traditional style of the yoke. I did change up the yoke some by eliminating the ruffles and flat piping and adding some simple pleats.

Now, here’s a fun story.  Our local Joann’s Fabric is moving to a new (larger) store and around Halloween time stopped reordering inventory.  So, basically that means that our store was decimated throughout all the holidays and actually completely closed sometime around Christmas.  Not that they would have carried anything as fun as velveteen, but I couldn’t even run to our local store to buy thread!  So, I began scouring the internets and actually found some velveteen in a dusty blue color on Amazon of all places.  I took the gamble and ordered it and I just love it.  This fabric is actually a stretch velveteen and it was just beautiful to sew with.  I ordered at the same time a poplin for the yokes, but that fabric was not right AT ALL.  So, that meant  a 40+ minute drive down to a neighboring town.  For the yokes I got a simple white stretch shirting fabric, which was perfect because it was so crisp and fresh in contrast to the soft velveteen.

So, the day that I was going to set out sewing three copies of an Oliver+S “three scissors” pattern I read the post from the ladies over at FrancesSuzanne about their version of the Playdate dress and how detailed and involved the pattern is.  Let’s just say that made me a little nervous.  Oliver+S patterns are usually no joke, but attempting one this complicated (times three!) was daunting.  I set out to do it assembly line style, and I have to say that it didn’t take that long to sew up the actual dresses. What actually took the longest was embroidering the snowflakes onto the dresses. It was a special problem because I couldn’t hoop the fabric without it crushing the pile on the velveteen.  I mean, it may have recovered in the wash, but I didn’t want to risk it.  I did some research and found a method where you hoop tearaway stabilizer and then baste the fabric to the stabilizer. And then I drew the design onto another piece of stabilizer and I basted it on top of all that. So, yeah, that was a ton of extra work.  Especially the picking out of all the stabilizer from the design after I was finished stitching it.  HOWEVER, I got wonderful results and I love the look of the white snowflakes on the bed of dusty blue.  (Edited to add: I completely forgot to credit the snowflake designer.  I found this beautiful design at So September.)

Winter Playdate-11

Aren’t they beautiful??

Winter Playdate-12

The dresses AND my girls!  I just love the way these look on them. The velveteen is the perfect weight for a winter dress and the girls love how soft it is.  I also love the color…to me it is the perfect representation of the winter sky.

Okay, now that all the talky-talky is done, here are the gratuitous shots of the three cutest girlies.

See you next week for movie week!  I’ll be sewing for Dinah’s birthday party and the one of the girls’ favorite movies.  And if you get a chance, click over to see all the other submissions for our winter inspired challenge. Lots of talented sewing peeps out there!

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16 Comments on “A Winter Playdate

  1.  by  thecrazytailor

    These are SO adorable!! I have yet to sew up any Oliver + S patterns, but I might just have to now that I’ve seen your darlings in these beautiful dresses!

    •  by  Harmony

      Thank you! I LOVE Oliver+S Patterns…they are very detailed with wonderful instructions and I’ve gotten a beautiful garment every time I’ve used one.

  2.  by  Deborah

    Your daughters look lovely. I really like the color of the blue velveteen… it’s just such a soft color . Beautiful job Mom!

  3.  by  Shaffer Sisters

    Very pretty. I have been looking forward to seeing this post after seeing the previews on instagram. It didn’t disappoint. Love it all. The embroidery is gorgeous.
    With Love,

  4.  by  Jessamyn Hawkins

    Beautiful! I love the snowflakes on the gray! They look like real snowflakes…so delicate, yet beautiful. So glad I found you… Can’t wait to read more posts.

  5.  by  Harmony

    Thank you for all the kind comments, everyone! They were a lot of work, but well worth it! 🙂

  6.  by  paisleyroots

    I LOVE those snowflakes on the dresses! They were just the perfect touch. They are lovely and such darling pictures of your girls!

  7.  by  Frances Suzanne

    It’s all about expectations….so we’re glad to help you along the way!! Your dresses are gorgeous – the colors, the handwork, etc. are all beautiful!!

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks! I’m excited for them to wear them this weekend for the wedding. I decided to make them matching capes too, so I’ll have to show those off when we get home. 🙂

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