A Vintage Valentine

Vintage Valentine-9

This week over at Project Run & Play we are getting a head start on Valentine’s Day.  We were challenged to come up with a look inspired by Valentine’s Day.

So, as I always do for inspiration, I took to Pinterest to see what I could find that was Valentines-y.  A quick search for Valentine yielded some mixed results, but a few vintage Valentines popped up.  Aha!  I changed my search to “vintage Valentine” and I got so many CUTE results.  I mean, really, Valentine’s Day cards used to be so much cuter.  Seriously, who wants Sponge Bob on a Valentine?  Does that really say “love?”  Anywho, I just loved the idea of copying an outfit from this precious artwork.  Check out my Project Run & Play board for a bunch of examples that I toyed with…They are all so cute.  But the one I ended up settling on was this one…


I loved this one for several reasons…
it was more casual so she could wear it to her school party…
we already had black pants and red sneakers, so…
all I would have to do is sew the shirt, which was great because I knew that by week four I would need a bit of a sewing break.

I also loved that it lent it self to cute Valentine’s Day gifts for Dinah to exchange at class.  I am going to print them up and attach them to little watercolor palettes for a whole “art” theme.

Vintage Valentine-5

I used the Oliver+S Family Reunion Dress pattern (View B…the blouse).  While I’ve used the popover sundress a couple times, this was the first “real” pattern from them I’ve made .  I have to say I do love how clear their directions are and the patterns are very user friendly.  To make this top or dress you don’t have to do anything really complicated, but it is rather finicky and rather time consuming with all the pin-tucking  basting, etc.  So, if you plan to use it, just be aware of that.

Vintage Valentine-1

Vintage Valentine-4

As you can see, I did make one major modification…I added long sleeves.  That was pretty simple.  I just traced the top part of the sleeve pattern and then extended the sides straight down.  By doing that and not tapering the sleeve I was able to get the fullness at the cuff that I wanted to replicate.  I also added a small keyhole opening with button at the cuff.  This allowed Dinah to easily put on the shirt, but for the cuff to be nice and snug at the wrist.

Vintage Valentine-3

I also added this little heart.  I used hand embroidery running and back stitches and am really pleased with the result.  My original plan was to add a little white pocket trimmed with the red rick-rack.  But that was a major fail…attaching the rick-rack was a nightmare around all those curves.  So, while that was a fail, I feel like it was pretty lucky since I like the embroidered heart WAY better.

Vintage Valentine-2

Dinah was not feeling very cooperative this afternoon, but I promised her two Hershey’s Kisses AND painting time after the shoot.  That perked her right up and she was a perfect model again.  I mean, she makes some cray-cray faces sometimes, but she is just so photogenic it is hard to get bad pictures of her.  I usually have tons of nutty pictures that I don’t use in my posts…I should do an out-takes post sometime.

Vintage Valentine-13

Okay, some things I just love about this shirt…

Vintage Valentine-10

The pop of red rick-rack peeking out from the neck facing and cuffs.

Vintage Valentine-8

The accents of black buttons to keep it from getting too treacly sweet.

Vintage Valentine-14

The way the fabric is slightly shimmery, but not overtly glittery (which you may not even be able to see in the pictures…).

Vintage Valentine-6

And that heart…love!

Vintage Valentine-9
Vintage Valentine-11

Vintage Valentine-7

Vintage Valentine-12

I do have enough fabric to make something for Esther for Valentine’s Day, but I am not sure what I should make for her…I don’t think I am going to do this exact thing since that shirt was a lot of work, but something to coordinate.  Hmmm…anyone have any suggestions?

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5 Comments on “A Vintage Valentine

  1.  by  Michelle

    Oh my goodness that is adorable! I just ordered my first Oliver +S pattern, and am glad they are easy to follow:)
    I love the classic look your chose.

    •  by  Harmony

      Thanks, Michelle! I now know why everyone’s Oliver+S stuff turns out so nicely…it is because they really make an effort to write good instructions. The patterns are drafted well too. Totally worth the $$$.

  2.  by  Charity

    That is a lovely top! I love all the little details, but especially the embroidered heart and the ric-rac peeking out. =)

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