A Denim Dress

Denim Dress-FI

This week’s challenge for Project Run & Play was to create a look for a child out of denim. Let’s just say, I was not enthused by this one. All I could think of was this:


So, I started perusing fabric.com and discovered something called Tencel denim. I obviously couldn’t touch it to get a feel for it, but I saw that the weight was only 4.5 oz and I was starting to envision a little denim Oliver + S Jump Rope dress. I took the plunge a bought a couple yards. Let me tell you…this stuff is so beautiful! Tencel denim is made with lyocell which is made from wood pulp! It is very light, but strong, has a lovely drape and is super soft. And it was a dream to sew with! I think it was just the right fabric to use to make my first Jump Rope dress. Having nice fabrics really does make a difference! It is really a beautiful fabric and I am totally making myself a skirt with the leftovers.

Dinah’s school has a “uniform” policy which in reality is just a really strong dress code. I love this and so does Dinah…she loves her shirt dresses and jumpers. At least for now she is enjoying dressing up a bit for school. So, this challenge was the perfect way to stitch up a little dress for her to wear to school.

Denim Dress-1

I sewed the size 6, which as you can see here is just a smidge too big, which is perfect for her to grow into. The Jump Rope has two view options, one with a gathered skirt and this a-line version. I love them both for different reasons, but this silhouette was simply more appropriate for the fabric.

Dinah chose the accent fabric for the placket and pockets from my stash, and I have to say I love her choice. It makes this the perfect fall dress.


And speaking of plackets! Look at that beauty!

Denim Dress-9

Liesl Gibson (who I got to meet a couple weeks ago!) from Oliver + S created a beautifully designed placket with wonderful directions. I never thought creating a placket on a dress like this would be so easy and turn out so nicely. Part of the appeal of using this pattern for this dress was to give myself a challenge and to work on a new skill. There is part of sewing that takes talent, but in reality you won’t be good unless you practice, practice, practice and stretch yourself when you find yourself getting complacent. I am so happy with the way this dress turned out and I can’t wait to make another one!



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