Children’s Sportswear – PR&P Challenge Week 2

As you may have seen, I am participating in the weekly sew-alongs for Project Run & Play.  Last week was easy.  It was a remix of the Circle Skirt Tutorial by Dana over at MADE.  I had used a circle skirt for Dinah’s Wendy Dress, so I submitted that. Week one: check!

This week the challenge is “Sportswear.”  This is a bit more tricky.  The ladies running PR&P gave us a handy link to the sportswear Wikipedia page and this description:

Sportswear is based upon stylish but wearable, comfortable and interchangeable multi-purpose clothes that combine practicability with style!

I have been holding on to a pair of vintage pillowcases that my mom found in her new house.  I was planning to turn them into pillowcase dresses for the girls, but I thought it would be perfect to go ahead and pull them out for this challenge.  I knew I wanted to make a little tunic type top and a pair of shorts, but I wasn’t sure of the design.  After a bit of research, this is what I had sketched out:

And here is the finished product!

Here are some details…

The top is a slim fitting tunic that I drafted myself.  I based it off the simple bodice pattern I drafted for the nightgowns.  I just made it a touch wider and longer.

For the ruffle detail I  made a fabric tube and pressed it flat.  Then I gathered it down the middle and stitched it to the front of the tunic.  I also added the strip of bias tape made from the shorts fabric and (my favorite) three little fabric covered buttons.  I bound the neck and armholes with the same blue bias tape.

I did a simple slit opening in the back with a loop of elastic and a large fabric covered button.

For the shorts, I modified MADE’s Kid Pants/Shorts pattern.  This was the most tricky part of the process.  I knew I wanted to add pockets, so I had to cut the front pattern piece a bit short at the top and create a front waistband.  I also needed a bit more volume in the legs so they would gather up as I wanted.

This shorts pattern from Craft Passion was cute, but wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.  I did like the pockets, so I used that part of her tutorial.

I love the touch of the shorts gathered into cuffs.  This ended up being really easy.  I gathered up the hem of the shorts and then bound each leg in the cuff.  I am clearly obsessed with fabric covered buttons, so I added a couple to the outside of each cuff.

I really love the way this whole outfit turned out.  (Despite its Auburn-ness.)  Dinah really likes it too.  It is fun to sew for her while she still thinks it is wonderful that her mom made her clothes.  I figure I have until she is around 11.  So, lots more sportswear to go.

Here are some actions shots:


My goal is to make a coordinating outfit for Esther, but I didn’t have time to get it done this week.  I’ll post pictures of her outfit when it is finished.  UPDATE: Pictures are up here!


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Peter Pan Hat Tutorial

Peter Pan Hat Tutorial

Here is the promised hat tutorial!

These were really easy to make and I cranked out 14 of these in about 2 hours.  Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Materials Needed:
Peter Pan Hat Pattern (You will need to make sure you have Page Scaling turned OFF before you print.  Cut it out and match up the diamond shapes and tape together to create your pattern.)
Green Felt (by the yard-the sheets aren’t big enough…using the space wisely, I got 12 hats from 1 yard of 72 inch craft felt)
Red Felt (sheets are fine – I got about 10 feathers per sheet)
Red Pipe Cleaners
Coordinating Thread
Fabric Glue

Okay, here we go!

1. First step is to trace your pattern onto your green felt.  You will need to cut 2 pieces for each hat.

2. With your sewing machine sew along the two slanted edges of the hat with a 1/2 inch seam.  Be sure to back tack well at the start and stop.  Clip the seam allowances to a scant 1/8 inch.

3. Flip the hat right-sides out and finger press the seams to help them lay flat.  You could try to use a warm and dry iron, but I found the finger pressing works fine and you don’t run the risk of melting your felt.  Flip up the backside of the brim.  You should have about 2 – 2.5 inches of flipped up brim.

4. Now for the feathers…You will need to draw a little template.  Mine was roughly 7 x 2.5 inches.  Cut small notches on either side, if desired.  Trace your template on to your red felt and then cut out your feathers.

5. Cut 8 inch lengths of your pipe cleaners.  Glue the pipe cleaner to the feather piece as a stem.

6. Place your feathers how you want them on the hats.  On mine I snipped two small parallel lines near the brim to hold the feather in place.  You could also simply glue your feathers where you want.

7. You are finished!  Now place your new hat on the nearest cutie.

If you make hats, I would love to see pictures of them!  Just add them to my Flickr Pool!

Happy sewing!



Wendy Dress-8

The Wendy Dress

I promised details on the Wendy Dress in the Peter Pan Party post and here they are!

Because I tend to be a stickler for details I wanted Dinah’s Wendy Dress to be as accurate as possible.

Some elements it needed to have:

  • Boat neck
  • Empire Waist
  • Puff-bottom sleeves
  • Flowing skirt
  • Large blue hair bow

This dress ended up being a Frankenstein with pattern parts coming from many different sources…

I based the bodice on the Winter Rose Dress from iCandy Handmade.  I sized it for Dinah and then chopped it off to make it empire waisted.

I drafted a sleeve block for Dinah and then adapted it to make the puff-bottom sleeves.  I used the tutorials found on ikatbag.  Such a great resource!

For the skirt, I didn’t want there to be a lot of bunchy gathering at the top, but I did want the skirt to have a ton of movement at the hem.  A circle skirt was the perfect solution.  I used the MADE circle skirt tutorial to make a pattern last fall for Dinah’s Goldilocks skirt.  I pulled it out and added length to the hem.

To adapt the skirt to a dress, I simply cut a line from the hem to the waist.  I stretched the waist out to match up with the waist on the bodice, pinned and stitched them together.  After that I inserted the invisible zipper and stitched up the seam.

I didn’t want to lose any length at the hem, so I used my handy-dandy rolled hem foot.  I purchased this foot separately when I purchased my machine.  There was a learning curve to it, but I was able to figure it out and I was happy with the result.  It isn’t perfect, but since this was just for a play costume I was okay with how it turned out.

The finished product is a perfect swirly, twirly Wendy Dress!

Oh, and I made a cute over-sized hair bow for her.

She likes it. :)




Peter Pan Party-Favor Hats

Peter Pan Birthday Party

My Dinah turned three (!) last week and of course we had to have a party for her.  I love throwing parties.  And parties with a theme are so much more fun.  In thinking through some of Dinah’s favorite things, I toyed with Little Einsteins or another Mickey party and then she asked to watch Disney’s Peter Pan one more time.  Peter Pan, of course.  We regularly travel to Never Land on her magic carpet and she is always pretending to be “Cappin Hook” and we are always assigned other characters from the tale.

Dinah says, “Arggh!”

And because of the popularity of pirates and pixies among her age group I knew a costume party was the way to go.

I had already been planning to make a “Wendy Dress” for Dinah since the first time I put her hair in a ponytail and noticed the sweet little ringlets.  This definitely seemed to be the perfect opportunity to make it.

I’ll be detailing The Wendy Dress in a separate post.  I love how it turned out so much that it deserves its own space.

Little Esther would be our Tinkerbell.  I simply made her a cute green tutu and got her some wings.  She already looks like a little imp, so she was the perfect pixie.


Some more party details…

Since her party was really just a glorified play-date, I didn’t go overboard with the decorations.  I used our screened-in porch as the “Lost Boys’ Hideout” and most of the party took place out there and in the back yard.  (We put down sod in the backyard the week before and it was so awesome for the kids to have a nice grassy area to play.)

Running from the crocodile in the backyard.

Wendy with her sword and hook on the porch.

Wendy, Peter, Tinkerbell and a couple pirates playing in the sand table.

I hung streamers in the window to look like vines and some cute paper lanterns that I thought looked like fairy houses. (Of course, I have no pictures of this…I forgot to take them in the rush to get everything set up for the party.)

And my favorite part…Peter Pan’s shadow!

For favors, I made each guest their own Peter Pan hat.  (They also had a small goodie bag of snacks with stickers and bubbles.)

The Peter hats were ridiculously easy to make and I’ll post a tutorial for them.  They also looked so cute on all the little heads. :)


And one of the best parts, I didn’t even make.  The cake.

My friend Krystle is an accomplished baker and cake decorator.  This is NOT where my gifts lie, so I decided to get some help from a friend.  I told her what I wanted and she made the most awesome Never Land cake.

It turned out really cute and was very tasty too.  Thanks, Krystle!

It was a really fun party!  The kids enjoyed playing in the backyard and the grown-ups enjoyed a good visit.  A success all-around!


Want to buy your own Wendy Dress or Peter Pan Hat?  Check out the Shop!